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  1. __AlexandrosGR_

    Denied OP Factions Kicks me when I'm fighting.

    Minecraft Username: __AlexandrosGR_ Suggestion: Kicks me when I'm fighting. Detailed description: So I have a huge problem with the Console of this server. So when I'm fighting othe people in /warp pvp i usually got kicked for no reasons. Console kicks me for Client Modifications but I...
  2. __AlexandrosGR_

    Accepted Minigames /party public

    So I believe that /party public command should be only for Streamers,YouTubers and Titan rank Players so I don't know what to vote, Neutral. Communicate with me here: Discord:AlexandrosGR#7385
  3. __AlexandrosGR_

    Denied BedWars maybe add invisibility potions

    -1 I don't believe it is necessary to add invisibility potions.
  4. __AlexandrosGR_

    applying for the yt rank

    First of all if you want to apply for YouTube Rank you must read the requiments you should have here: https://pika-network.net/threads/read-before-applying-twitch-youtube-application-information.103551/ and then you have to make an application here if you have the requiments...
  5. __AlexandrosGR_

    BedWars Minigames Internet Kill Message (Bedwars)

    +1 It is really cool. Please enter a message with more than 6 words
  6. __AlexandrosGR_

    Forums Donator Ranks

    1+ Please enter a message with more than 30 characters.
  7. __AlexandrosGR_

    What game lol?

    What game lol?
  8. __AlexandrosGR_

    People Breaking the rules Because they think titan kit is *unfair*

    +1 Yeah i agree this happens to me too its really annoying.
  9. __AlexandrosGR_

    Denied SkyWars Suggestions related to the latest SkyWars update

    +1 Contact with me here: Discord: 0hkai GR#7385
  10. __AlexandrosGR_

    banned for no reason....

    So you can make a ban appeal here: https://pika-network.net/forums/ban-mute-appeals.149/. Or you can make a report here: https://pika-network.net/forums/bug_reports/
  11. __AlexandrosGR_

    Update SkyWars - Update | May 1st 2021

    Incredible new maps. 👀 Contact with me in Discord: 0hkai GR#7385
  12. __AlexandrosGR_

    Denied OP Factions Buff several crate rewards & Get rid of vouchers lol

    -1 The reasons mentioned by the person above the person by the person above :D
  13. __AlexandrosGR_

    Spawn Killing in our /f home corner

    You should never trust somebody you don't know because this will happen. Next time watch out
  14. __AlexandrosGR_

    Minigames School Kill Messages

    +1 This would be awesome for my opinion
  15. __AlexandrosGR_

    Denied BedWars maybe add luckyblock bedwars or add a new gamemode to bedwars or add new maps

    0hkai. When you want to make a proposal for something you want to talk about, you have to talk in detais about the topic that concerns you
  16. __AlexandrosGR_

    lol a guy was teaming in my game

    Go here and report him if you have evidence: https://pika-network.net/forums/player-reports.150/
  17. __AlexandrosGR_

    Hi how are you?

    Hello I'm fine thanks . How are you?
  18. __AlexandrosGR_

    Accepted Global Changes to appeals

    +1 I agree, because people do mistakes.
  19. __AlexandrosGR_

    Write a bedwars Story, One Sentence at a Time

    And Steve left the game because he knew that hacks aren't allowed
  20. __AlexandrosGR_

    Fly Command in Silver Rank

    Ye that's right Silver rank in Practice doesn't give you the /fly command