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  1. IamBokii

    BASIC NITRO - giveaway

    If you are interested in joining the giveaway it lasts another 14 days, DM me on discord my discord username is IamBokii#9317 Everything will be explained when you DM me. Cya!
  2. IamBokii

    What a really nice day to get hacked on discord account😃

    What a really nice day to get hacked on discord account😃
  3. IamBokii

    Denied Lifesteal Make more player slots for the lifesteal

    Username: IamBokii Suggestion: Make more player slots for the lifesteal Detailed description: The LifeSteal gamemode only has 150 player slots which is not enough. I believe that many players of this server would like to play, but due to the lack of space, we have to wait a long time to...
  4. IamBokii

    Survival /kit gives kit voucher instead of the whole kit

    This should be same as in OpFac or OpSkyBlock...
  5. IamBokii

    Practice See your killstreak in the tab "Profile"

    Seems cool good luck about adding it +1 from me
  6. IamBokii

    BedWars Make Gift option for Gold Purchases

    Yes good idea +1 from me
  7. IamBokii

    BedWars spiderman kill message

    It's cool about the spiderman kill messages but they should be more interesting... still +1
  8. IamBokii

    Denied OP Factions Make kits easier to claim

    I agree with you about this but there should be like one click claim all kits.
  9. IamBokii

    Denied OP Factions Removing effects buff after donating

    Yes I agree with you they should just remove effects and just keep fireworks.
  10. IamBokii

    Denied BedWars Items not get

    To be honest I have been in these situations many times and I didn't get my emeralds or diamonds... But still you don't need them very much you can punch everyone to the void..
  11. IamBokii

    Accepted OP SkyBlock Mobcoins booster

    Not that good reason but you can farm it easy if you use ench. spawners and use MobHeads 10 it is very to get them but why not booster. If I think no one will use it.
  12. IamBokii

    Denied Global New gamemode (EarthSMP)

    Sounds cool very nice idea +1
  13. IamBokii

    Denied Kit-PvP Change the host

    I think that this was alredy suggested many times and it got denied. I agree with you ms (ping) is very high.
  14. IamBokii

    Accepted Survival Add back [item] to survival

    Survival needs it very much and of course for trading. Trading system would be easier... We need it back I agree +1
  15. IamBokii

    Minigames School Kill Messages

    Nice idea seems cool + 1
  16. IamBokii

    Denied Minigames Trading Cosmetics

    This is cool idea of adding this. Because most of times everyone get same things.
  17. IamBokii

    Denied Survival Give back in oncekits Samurai,Ninja,Warlock keys.

    Yeah they didn't mentiond when you right click on once kit preview it says they only get claimblocks. Anyways they should change this.
  18. IamBokii

    Denied Survival Give back in oncekits Samurai,Ninja,Warlock keys.

    Username: IamBokii Suggestion: Give back in oncekits Samurai,Ninja,Warlock keys. Detailed description: Since the start of this season all Survival players who had Samurai, Ninja, Warlock rank have been left without their keys in the oncekit. They had bad start with only claimblocks and...
  19. IamBokii

    Denied OP SkyBlock bank

    -1 Sorry but I'm downvoting it doesn't make sense if you alredy have a /is bank or /withdraw and /banknote so you can hide it in chest or something else.
  20. IamBokii

    Minigames /spectate settings

    +1 I agree with you this should be in because there are players that help their friend or team to get the win.