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  1. borax2tetadfora


    Man gotta love the admins who mute people because they are WARNING other people they can't use other languages in chat. I literally said " no puedes hablar espanol en el chat publico" > you cant speak Spanish in the public chat and they mute me.. for warning other people.. bffr
  2. borax2tetadfora

    Problem connecting and keeping inventory

    I've seen a thread of a guy with the same problem (to an extent). Yesterday I connected to the server and entered in survival. I was in the resource world for god knows how long in a mine shaft collecting things. I was packed (normal inventory AND a shulker box full) and when I /home I was...
  3. borax2tetadfora

    Trouble levelling up

    So, I progressed reasonably quickly until level 11 and now I'm stuck, and have been for over 2 weeks. The task I have to complete to pass to level 12 is breaking 4 diamond ores and I've done it, a thousand times, and still when I do /level it says I haven't. Also I've been upgrading my clan by...