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  1. Ninjarex123

    Ban this cheater

    well getting their names is useles u need a dumb video and they wont add /report
  2. Ninjarex123

    i need help

    i cant seem to find sapplings in /shop can you tell which cratergary it is in?
  3. Ninjarex123

    Minigames Removal of chat filter for 30+ lvls

    bruh why only for levek 50+ its hard for me and i want to type like green inc and they kill me i want to tell i died but the chat filter will block it :(
  4. Ninjarex123

    Minigames Add the amount of coins you get when you kill someone

    in bedwars u should get 1 coin for normal kill and 2 for final?
  5. Ninjarex123

    Denied BedWars fill and no fill?

    Minecraft Username: Ninjarex123 Suggestion: fill and no fill? Detailed description: so when u click on duo trio or squads u will get a option to get teammates or no teammates it will be challenging and if there are 4 people in a party and the leader made it squads no fill then they all...
  6. Ninjarex123

    i need help

    if i type /sell hand it says u cant use the command so how do u sell stuff in ah? and is there any way to transfer island ownership? how do you make a island member co-op and co-owner? edit: how do you get sapling?
  7. Ninjarex123

    BedWars blood explotion kill effect

    +1 but if they make it rank only i dont like this server then and maybe they should use redstone particle or something
  8. Ninjarex123

    Denied BedWars Health on kill

    Minecraft Username: Ninjarex123 Suggestion: Health on kill Detailed description: so when you get a kill in bedwars u will get half a heart or 1 heart it will make bedwars intersting Reason(s):
  9. Ninjarex123

    Denied BedWars Competitave Bedwars

    yeah maybe i think the point system might be hard
  10. Ninjarex123

    Bedwars UHC Update!

    try to beat the game lolol
  11. Ninjarex123

    Denied BedWars Competitave Bedwars

    Minecraft Username: Ninjarex123 Suggestion: Competitave Bedwars Detailed description: Add like a ranked mode where u fight with players who are the same skill and add like a point system 1 kill is 1 point a bed is 4 points a final is 6 points something like that and add different divisions...
  12. Ninjarex123

    bw update

    well i almost won the other last team had obby and i was rushing them and they broke our bed and i fell of the map and died:ROFLMAO:
  13. Ninjarex123

    We need more SPACE

    new bw update means servers always full and other gamemode will lose some players lol.
  14. Ninjarex123

    The Bedwars Update Patched something it shouldn't have...

    might be lag or something else
  15. Ninjarex123

    bw update

    so i started playing fortnite 2 months ago and i kinda stop playing mc now. and 2 months later i check forums theres a bw update today lol. idk i might start playing mc.
  16. Ninjarex123

    One of the best features that was added.

    yes i found out its a bunny suit shooting eggs
  17. Ninjarex123

    Global 50 Friends

    +1 i rather say we make it infinite so we dont have to remove some friends
  18. Ninjarex123


    so your telling to ban your self? ur name is YetiOp
  19. Ninjarex123

    Denied Discord arcane bot

    but u can add a slowmode like 2s or 1s
  20. Ninjarex123

    Denied Discord arcane bot

    Minecraft Username: Ninjarex123 Suggestion: arcane bot Detailed description: Add arcane bot it has a good leveling system and the public chat will always be active if u put this bot in the server. it is a very good bot and it has other features Reason(s): chat will be more active Example(s)...