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  1. qxpt

    What Would You Do If You Got Owner Rank In Pikanetwork?

    Unban @Panas1 and give @Rushing_Minion admin on mini games server
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  3. qxpt

    I think at this point its pretty obv its above 200

    I think at this point its pretty obv its above 200
  4. qxpt

    WHY THF ????

    i need six words but fr o-o
  5. qxpt

    bedwars hackers

    ok another 4 words for this
  6. qxpt

    What is pika iron and gold (Please tell) (Please read)

    I can't see why ranks on bedwars are "pay2win" because when I play on my alt I feel the same and even better sometimes
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  8. qxpt

    Extension in bedwars

    NIce. I like to bully ppl in bedwars
  9. qxpt

    How to make party a public party

    You need the champion rank for that
  10. qxpt

    bedwars hackers

    u can't fly on pika the anti-cheat kicks u after more than 3 blocks above the ground or warps u to the void I think
  11. qxpt

    bedwars hackers

    record and report the staff team might not like me very much but they got some great staff members plus killing hackers is easy just get jump pots and a punch bow and bow them to death if that doesn't help get diamonds and ems and a lot of gaps
  12. qxpt

    please unban me

    No. Enter more than 6 words.
  13. qxpt

    Is vampire nerfed???

    I hope that's a joke Enter more than 6 words.
  14. qxpt

    The xp on bedwars sucks

    The devs need to boost the XP you get every game of bedwars or make an XP booster and make the dragon rider available to buy with coins I'm on 150k coins and I can't buy anything and I wanna cry every time I look at the sidebar pls by: A very sad bedwars player p.s #Astro4Helper
  15. qxpt

    Journey through 2021

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  17. qxpt

    make this thread #1 replied/viewed

  18. qxpt

    Bedwars update?

    As a bedwars player with somewhat of experience, I would like to fix the fireball aiming bug when and to add the tier system like wood iron gold and diamond to the tools and to add blast proof glass