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  1. Arjun5174

    why tf is grinding so much effort like plz just give me 500 kills xD

    true facts man true facts 100%
  2. Arjun5174

    Denied Global Pixelmon

    Minecraft Username: oArjun Suggestion: Pixelmon ( Read Description ) Detailed description: The Name "Pika" Means Pikachu, Which Is a Pokemon. It Makes Sense as Pika Should Add Pixelmon. Pixelmon is very easy and new mode to add as the staff team needs to only add: New Server for Pixelmon...
  3. Arjun5174

    Denied Practice Vote Rewards For Practice

    Ok, I Made It 25 Votes
  4. Arjun5174

    Denied Practice Vote Rewards For Practice

    Minecraft Username: oArjun Suggestion: Vote Rewards For Practice Detailed description: Ok so, the idea is simple, pika should add "Vote Rewards" For Practice Mode. Vote Rewards: 3 Votes = 6 Ranked Matches 6 Votes = 12 Ranked Matches 10 Votes = 20 Ranked Matches 25/50 Votes = 1...
  5. Arjun5174

    Denied SkyWars Sell Items In Skywars

    Minecraft Username: oArjun Suggestion: Sell Items In Skywars Detailed description: Make a way so that you can sell cosmetic items like cages, kits etc. Eg: if you have a red box, you can sell it for 1000 coins. eg: if You have Enderman Kit, You can sell it for 12,500 coins And if you have...
  6. Arjun5174

    SkyWars Add sheep rider victory dance in skywars

    @Pentagon Ok So i Like the idea but how much coins will it need? If you did not tell then pika might make it like 50k or 30k which is hard to get. +1
  7. Arjun5174

    SkyWars 10% chance for games to be rumble

    "my fellow minigames nons can tell you every game of skywars the chat is filled with fellow nons desperately typing RUMBLE in the chat" LOL "my fellow minigames nons "fellow nons desperately typing RUMBLE in the chat" Funny so +1 and its useful
  8. Arjun5174

    Practice New Mode

    Thank you For all your support. This is my most upvoted and best suggestion.
  9. Arjun5174

    Practice New Mode

    Minecraft Username: oArjun Suggestion: New Mode Detailed description: Pearl Clutch Mode: Add A Mode Were People can practice pearl clutching in Practice mode. Items: Stick ( Knockback 1 ), ( 8 or 6 ) enderpearl, ( 16 or 8 ) Blocks The Map Should Be A Small One With 20x15 or 30x15. Players...
  10. Arjun5174

    Fractions Pro Rank Voucher

    Silver Rank 9$ and advanced crate key 2 $ pro rank 11.50$ You Are Saving money
  11. Arjun5174

    Fractions Pro Rank Voucher

    Giving Fractions Pro Rank Voucher For Practice Silver Rank And 1 Advanced Crate Key. Or Only Practice Silver Rank For More Information DM Me Discord: ItzArjun#8961
  12. Arjun5174

    How much cps can yall reach

    69cps ( 10 to 22 Intense Butterfly or Drag click with model o ) 50 cps left click with bloddy a bedless
  13. Arjun5174

    Denied Global Better Hit Registeration

    Minecraft Username: oArjun Suggestion: Better Hit Registeration Detailed description: Make it so that all players get better Hit reg. The current hit reg is bad. I hit a guys like 20 or 30 times and he did not die Reason(s): This would make the server good
  14. Arjun5174

    Practice Quests For Ranked Matches

    If pika did not accept this creative suggestion, then they don't care about nons
  15. Arjun5174

    Practice Quests For Ranked Matches

    YES!!! I Want The Last Quest. All The Quest Are Very good and you are very creative+1
  16. Arjun5174

    Big baller 69 it's me oArjun ur friend

    Big baller 69 it's me oArjun ur friend
  17. Arjun5174

    Kill Messages

    Can we buy kill Messages using points? Of yes then how?
  18. Arjun5174

    Denied Practice Free Rank ( read description )

    Minecraft Username: oArjun Suggestion: Free Rank ( read description ) Detailed description: Make It So That People Above 1100 Global Elo Gets Silver Rank and People Above 1200 Global Elo Gets Gold Rank. ( Maybe Just Maybe #1 Global Elo Person Gets Diamond ) Reason(s): It Will Encourage...
  19. Arjun5174

    Accepted SkyWars Map Submission - Memoriam ( UPDATED )

    The Map Is Soo Cool. Nice one +1
  20. Arjun5174

    Denied Practice Less Enderpearls And Cooldown

    Minecraft Username: ItzArjun Suggestion: Less Enderpearls And Cooldown Detailed description: Make It So That You Will Get Less Enderpearl and More Cooldown Like eg: 6 Enderpearls and 20 Second Cooldown Reason(s): As Many many Sweats know if you play nodebuff or debuff or hcf ect, you...