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  1. zireb

    Practice Suggestions For Practice Reset

    +1 I agree with you, practice really needs a reset
  2. zireb

    celebrity spotted

    anyname is just too famous what can I say
  3. zireb

    Fifa world cup 2022 Qatar.

    Germany, but their performance is questionable
  4. zireb

    Nice role both of you

    Nice role both of you
  5. zireb

    Classic SkyBlock reset

    I see, that is quite unfortunate
  6. zireb

    Classic SkyBlock reset

    I do not think that a reset of Classic Skyblock will happen soon If you get kicked while pvping that might be an issue with your connection or your cps are too high
  7. zireb


    Was your evidence cropped or edited by any chance or both of you used the exact same?
  8. zireb

    What texture pack are you using?

    Thank you, I will check them out!
  9. zireb

    What texture pack are you using?

    Thanks for the recommendations guys 🥶🥵
  10. zireb

    What texture pack are you using?

    Hey, which texture packs are you guys using? I am looking for pvp texture packs. I am currently using SweatGod's 3K pack. Any recommendations?
  11. zireb

    Complaint about the anti cheat

    Yes, skywars is a case for itself.Sometimes there are 2 hackers in a team and that is quite frustrating.
  12. zireb

    super serever

    I recommend you to checkout other gamemodes aswell, have fun:-)
  13. zireb

    I've Lost Everything

    You can still play on your account using T Launcher. There are options to play labymod/lunar client cracked. You can look up for them on YouTube.
  14. zireb

    camper on build uhc

    As stated above, you need to make a report. The recorded video evidence needs to be at least 20 seconds long.
  15. zireb

    A way to turn off animation/fireworks when someone makes a donation?

    Ohh I see, my bad oops
  16. zireb

    A way to turn off animation/fireworks when someone makes a donation?

    You can make a suggestion about that
  17. zireb


    Welcome Dedsec87, enjoy your time here :))
  18. zireb


    Welcome ItzKillless I am Zayne/zireb. If you have a complicated password make sure to write it down :D
  19. zireb

    Name change and I need my rank back

    Either change your name back, use a cracked client or purchase the rank on your new account Also an auto message mentions multiple times a day that name changes are not supported on pika network.
  20. zireb

    What do you think about life steal?

    I don't know if it's just me, but for some reason I can not level up even though I have done all the requirements. Also there are many greedy teleport killers but overall its pretty fun to play lifesteal with friends.