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  1. SDHMinecraft

    Update Lifesteal - Reset | January The 13th 2023

    Yoo, Nice~ Looking forward to the next Lifesteal reset!
  2. SDHMinecraft

    Update Survival - Reset | January The 6th 2023

    Sheeeesh It's finally out. Huzzah!
  3. SDHMinecraft

    Trading 2 stack of OPPrison key with 2 stack of Survival Key

    Dude its 2022, check the date lmfao
  4. SDHMinecraft

    Global Public guilds and parties

    Did I? I do not remember kekw
  5. SDHMinecraft

    tysm uwu

    tysm uwu
  6. SDHMinecraft

    ty kitten

    ty kitten
  7. SDHMinecraft

    Tysm bald hunter qwq

    Tysm bald hunter qwq
  8. SDHMinecraft


  9. SDHMinecraft

    Skywars Maps

    - No Lava - No Soul Sand ( why? ) It would be better If you replace lava with stained glass, also spooky doesn't mean you need to fully utelize Nether Variants blocks.
  10. SDHMinecraft

    BedWars NEW - Bedwars Ideas

    Username: SDHMinecraft Suggestion: NEW - Bedwars Ideas Detailed description: I think Bedwars is quite lacking its own content, with no new items, and no new traps. It's quite boring now because the strategies for approaching each base and how to counter enemies are almost always the same...
  11. SDHMinecraft

    Pika network vampire ability

    You don’t need vampire ability to win a game, if you actually rely on vampire ability on winning a game I did suggest you get some more training. And about your 2 friend who left just because of it, they would need a harder training.
  12. SDHMinecraft

    Starting a new helpful thread

    Because Haste 2 increases player animation speed on fist or weapons and tools to reduce the time between hits. Therefore getting Haste 2 in Bedwars is also beneficial in combatting, Just imagine how good is it to have Haste 2 and Sharpness 1 in Bedwars.
  13. SDHMinecraft

    Event Minigames - Map Rotations, New Maps, and Changes!

    Wish yall have a good summer, can you all find the secret on these maps? There are some hidden easter eggs. 👀
  14. SDHMinecraft

    BedWars New item - Supply Package

    Username: SDHMinecraft Suggestion: New item - Supply Package Detailed description: Supply Package is a new Bedwars item that summon a chest that contains supply for your teammates. This item will cost the players 2 Emerald. The Supply Package item itself is a Redstone Torch representing a...
  15. SDHMinecraft

    Starting a new helpful thread

    Instead getting forge upgrade, how about get Haste 2 to boost your mining and attack speed.
  16. SDHMinecraft

    1.19 survival reset - when will it be?

    After some calculation regarding the reset of Survival Reset, - The reset announcement of the " Help us with the next reset " post will drop around Late June or Mid July. - The official reset of the gamemode in-game will happen at around Late July or Early August. This is just my speculation...
  17. SDHMinecraft


    Lack of new items and new maps? Ye we are working on it right now, just wait for it 👀
  18. SDHMinecraft

    ADD INVIS POT(Very necessary for development of server)

    Mostly just because PikaNetwork doesn't want to steal the same stuff from another server. Staying unique and creative for every server is a way to go. As long as it is a suggestion suggesting Invis Pot they will straight up deny it. Ye sure Invis Pot sure does useful but it still can be counter...
  19. SDHMinecraft

    BedWars New item - Enchanted Milk

    It acts like that yes. basically magic milk with Weakness I for 30 seconds.
  20. SDHMinecraft

    BedWars New item - Enchanted Milk

    It's not a trap, its a milk bucket which is consumable, also yea sure i thing we can remove the Nausea but need to round up the Weakness I to 30 second or else this would be too overpowered, price will sit at 8 gold, sound reasonable?