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  1. GamerBoyInd


  2. GamerBoyInd

    SkyWars Better Minigame Lvlup Rewards!

    +1 also m lvl 66 ;-; please give the new rewards to us also
  3. GamerBoyInd

    Accepted SkyWars Skywars PG Kits

    +1 i think it's a good suggestion i want to test kits...
  4. GamerBoyInd

    Denied SkyWars timer before using kits

    bruh i mentioned it clearly .
  5. GamerBoyInd

    Denied SkyWars timer before using kits

    Minecraft Username: GamerBoyInd Suggestion: timer before using kits Detailed description: as we all know that the most annoying kits in skywars are flame bow kit, ender perl kit.. because of these kits, people instantly die. My suggestion is that there should be a 5 to 10 sec timer when...
  6. GamerBoyInd

    Denied Minigames A new Leaderboard

    already suggested and sadly denied -1
  7. GamerBoyInd

    yes sir

    yes sir
  8. GamerBoyInd

    thx <3

    thx <3
  9. GamerBoyInd

    thx <3

    thx <3
  10. GamerBoyInd

    thx <3

    thx <3
  11. GamerBoyInd


  12. GamerBoyInd

    Practice Bw duel improvement

    +1 cz its really annoying to bridge that much
  13. GamerBoyInd

    yes XD

    yes XD
  14. GamerBoyInd

    Denied Forums Explaining rank perms in details...

    bro if everyone will be able to see it on store that will make it easy... no one will open your guide to buy ranks they click on the "i" button which should have the detailds
  15. GamerBoyInd

    Denied BedWars We Want /report Command In everygame mode

    already suggested and accepted but idk when it will be added.. :)
  16. GamerBoyInd

    Denied Forums Explaining rank perms in details...

    thnx for +1 <3 (30 letters bla bla bla)
  17. GamerBoyInd

    Denied Forums Explaining rank perms in details...

    Minecraft Username: GamerBoyInd Suggestion: Explaining rank perks in details... Detailed description: If i go to pika store and select some rank to buy, i dont know what commands i can use, what are the benefits of that rank if i buy it what i will get. There is a "i" button but it doesnt tell...
  18. GamerBoyInd

    Forums Donator Ranks

    yea it will be cool ... ... ... ...
  19. GamerBoyInd

    Denied BedWars can you add a daily bedwars leaderboard

    +1 if daily leaderboards come it will be so fun to grind
  20. GamerBoyInd

    Accepted BedWars Dont give same items from mystery box

    XD i feel so bad after getting same item again and again..... Neutral