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    bedwars hackers

    half of the skywars leaderboard players cheat others are mfs with 300 ping
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    highest ws?

    play with me pls my ign is SlotBot
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    Wood skins/ bed break effects

    how about they create their custom bed break effects, will that be added?
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    Wood skins/ bed break effects

    Woodskins would be nice too they are working on it hope they add it!
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    streak leaderboards

    You can suggest it here https://pika-network.net/suggestions
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    I need to report a player

    The posts were posted almost at the same time hence the 2 replies Also its not totally pointless as the video evidence part wasn't stated in the former post
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    I need to report a player

    We almost did at the same time x)
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    I need to report a player

    You can report people here- https://pika-network.net/report/ make sure you have video evidence of the incident
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    Help My Level Is Not Green Colour But My Level Is Already 5

    You have to choose it from profile ---> lobby settings --->Level Colour
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    private games for everyone

    Not at all unfair, go buy titan
  11. SlotBot

    Block Hitting

    Block hitting resets sprint thus deals more kb and it makes you take less damage
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    What's the highest winstreak in solo skywars?

    3-4 win streak, lost it to annoying camper
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    Command Errors on Pika

    Applying for developer is the only way you can write plugins for the server
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    I'm convinced there's only 3 maps on this server

    Every server takes inspiration from other server hypixel took it from egg wars in cubecraft ,the point is to make it not exactly the same. I prefer playing on pika anyway cause hypixel is always laggy as hell in my timezone
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    I'm convinced there's only 3 maps on this server

    filter bypass-- This is simply not true
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    The only time I buy ladders is when I misclick on it instead of wool
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    Ban me

    1 less player, less lag lol best reason
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    How can I open my unfair ban

    Yup its a fair ban don't appeal
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    ban for no reason?

    Yes sometimes lag or ping makes it so that the anti-cheat detects you for hacking
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    one of your best plays?

    Clutching solo bedwars against stacked teamers when I lost bed early ingame