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    Ahm read it ;) or bald

    Looking for perm god rank on op factions dm me on discord ItzDuck#4429
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    Looking for perm ranks on op factions

    Looking for permanent ranks on op factions I can offer ssnl hero+ ssnl Pro+ cash dm me on discord ItzDuck#4429
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    seasonal legend rank voucher on kitpvp for stuff in survival/ranks in survival Dm me at discord- ItzDuck#4429
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    Welcome to #1 Team Top #Best

    Time to take over 😎
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    Well what's this?

    SO it kicks me every 10 seconds? Yeah my ping was high tho.
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    Well what's this?

    So I was playing kitpvp and I certainly got kicked and I tried joining back I died and lost my armour which I don't care about but the thing is that whenever I join pika it kicks me saying the reason hacks and smth you can check my kicks. What's on with this lmao? I got banned for 10 mins at...
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    Denied Kit-PvP Add a Gkit call Ghoooost

    -1 from my side Special sets are alr very annoying and something like nausea or poison will make it really unfair, dude it litterely removes the point of kitpvp no such extra enchants should be added
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    Accepted Kit-PvP Rank up Voucher

    Bro Stop thinking about yourself +1 from my side
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    Accepted Kit-PvP KitPvP Suggestion

    +1 best suggestion for challenges :)
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    OP Prison HUGE list of suggestions part 1

    +1 yeah you really put some efforts into this. Also I agree
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    Denied Kit-PvP Daily kit voucher

    +1 great suggestion add this staffs.
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    Denied Lifesteal play while in queue

    +1 if this could actually be true good point ngl.
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    OpSkyblock Reset

    No you will only keep the donated ranks etc rest everything will be gone.
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    Accepted Kit-PvP Gift

    +1 this will be a good addition
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    kitpvp sales

    I am selling reaper/divine/summer set p5 unb 5/ p4 god set you can msg me on discord if you wanna offer me also since I got my paycheck recently I am selling a rankup till 25euros msg me on discord if you are interested:) My discord I'd- ItzDuck#0001
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    Skipable crate openings.

    its already there just right click and press e on ur keyboard and it will work fast then u can spam the keys
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    Don't trust Astrelizy or EllySensi

    Don't trust them don't /trade with them ever they work together and will scam u hard asf specialy don't trust Astrelizy he is a hardcore scammer he can go to any point for scamming u make multiple alts at discord and in-game to this forum is to only raise social awareness
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    who wants me back

    Hey noice would love to see u back at the server hopefully we can team!
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    BigDanUpNext Scamming.

    Why are u worried u do the same LMAO
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    Kit-Pvp Ultimate Rank Voucher Trade

    Ugh how much u want minimum?