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  1. Boost

    FuerzaI reaching

    its sarcasm if u still got no clue
  2. Boost

    FAX u uncreative peasant

    FAX u uncreative peasant
  3. Boost


    1. By capping koths 2. U have a 1% chance getting a head off someone but u can't really salvage it due to it being bugged
  4. Boost

    Ultimate Kit 6 arrows

    Apparently it's fixed
  5. Boost

    Level Doesnt Work

    Works now
  6. Boost

    Denied OP Factions Unban all

    If they deserve a unban, they can always make a punishment appeal. There are a lot of ban evaders who will just casually get 100's of accounts unbanned because of the unban-all.
  7. Boost

    Denied Global Client

    -1 Won't happen due to the hard work it takes
  8. Boost

    Denied OP Factions Unban all

    Won't happen
  9. Boost

    Thanks lad

    Thanks lad
  10. Boost

    kek ty

    kek ty
  11. Boost

    Denied BedWars consistent knockback

    Neutral I don't think Pika can decide how exactly they want the knockback. So I'm afraid that it will be accepted, probably has been suggested earlier and been declined.
  12. Boost

    Forums Change The looks of forums

    +1 It would be awesome to switch it up to Halloween for a month
  13. Boost

    Denied Practice Add Pearlfight (gamemode)

    Love <3 much appreciated for upvoting homie
  14. Boost

    Denied Practice Add Pearlfight (gamemode)

    Yeah, I agree but I went in-depth and tried to make the most and showed a example of how it could look like
  15. Boost

    Denied Practice Add Pearlfight (gamemode)

    I put a lot of information and effort into making this suggestion
  16. Boost

    Denied Practice Add Pearlfight (gamemode)

    That was a year ago, maybe they're able to make it this time due to the amount of developers they have. And that was a mass suggestion of 5 gamemodes with no real explanation and with no video.
  17. Boost

    Denied Practice Add Pearlfight (gamemode)

    Username: Boost Suggestion: Add Pearlfight (gamemode) Detailed description: Hey there who's interested in reading my suggestion! Recently, I really enjoyed playing Practice and when playing all these cool gamemodes I feel like Pearlfight could also be implemented and would be a fun...
  18. Boost

    OP Factions Map win Tags after winning a map for factions members

    The tag has "hard work" and they might aswell sell it to people who want to buy it. You just can't say noone will abuse it. Furthermore this would make no point in changing opfactions neither would it improve it
  19. Boost

    Denied OP SkyBlock Strike system needs an exhaustive list

    Even if it could be a suggestion, this looks like a appeal to get ur strike removed