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  1. Shanan

    Extream Lag

    I have been playing survival for few days now, in Minecraft 10.0, and I am facing huge lags. I place a single block several times, I keep teleporting to my previous location, when I use blocks to get higher level; the blocks disappear and I keep teleporting to that height, for which I keep...
  2. Shanan

    Money deducted without paying for anything.

    Hello guys! I have started playing Minecraft after years, and also forgot my old account password. Ignore my past cringness i have posted or did. But anyways, I got into a problem! I started Survival, and I have been selling my valuables and random blocks so I can earn some Emeralds (Money not...
  3. Shanan

    Leaving Pika for few months...

    As you may or may not have noticed, I'm not active for few days, that is because my exams are near and I didn't study at all.. I'm having Exam Anxiety.. XD So the point is that I will be not active for few months and may even leave pika after that. There is a chance. I know people won't care but...
  4. Shanan

    Change The World!

    Let's have a challenge! Change any website - this forum [recommended] , Google , Facebook , blah blah. using Inspect Element and then post its picture here. We'll see which ones are the most funny and interesting or even informative! Let's do it!!! [This is just for fun, no offensive jokes are...
  5. Shanan

    Before Buying a Legit Account.

    So I want to buy a legit premium account now after using using a cracked account for so long time. But I don't want to loose my current my progress on my account. So is it possible in a way that, if I use the same IGN as now, will the premium account be linked with the cracked one? Will I still...
  6. Shanan

    Please read this.

    I don't know, where to put this thread. So I'm posting it here. So I went to Creative 1.9, and suddenly my chat started talking by itself. It suddenly started swearing and said 'I am not fine' 'I tell on pple' 'f***!' I disconnected, as I thought it probably would start telling Ip addresses...
  7. Shanan

    [Suggestion] - New Servers

    SERVER - New Team BuildWars - MiniGames - such as Minecraft Temple Run , Draw My Thing Suggestion - As a lot other server has, its fun and we may even learn a lot about teaming and building. We can learn from each other, that's why I suggest to create Team BuildWars... - MiniGames such as...
  8. Shanan

    BuildWars - No Permission For Everything

    I was trying to get Ultimate key with /kit but says NO PERMISSION. So I got curious, I thought 'didn't I buy the item from /bs?' so I did /bs to check still says NO PERMISSION. then I saw I dont even have my rank. Cant even do /points me. cant do /nick , cant do color chat [yes i bought all] Its...
  9. Shanan

    Creative - Build

    What Should I Build?? What should I build???? I dont have a single idea of what to make..... So I would like my Pikastic Creative friends/Players to give me their wonderful suggestion and kindly some pictures of their ideas and builds!!!! Thank you Pika Player Shane AKA TooShanIsBack
  10. Shanan


    So, I recently saw this signs (See Below). It said a name of a rank - then pts. Basically we can buy ranks with points? Is it true? Can we buy Arcade ranks with points in BuildWars? if yes how do I do that? Is not true? Link: http://bit.ly/1SrKVTW