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  1. WeAreFamily

    Spawner Wrenches

    Any idea how do u get those spawner wrenches
  2. WeAreFamily

    Lifesteal Change the hearts gotten from the level system to player redeem.

    Username: XxSweetCandyxX Suggestion: Change the hearts gotten from the level system to player redeem. Detailed description: Right now the level system once you achieve the levels that have hearts as rewards the system auto redeems the hearts. However, the max health is 30. So once the...
  3. WeAreFamily

    Xray Allow?

    I just want to ask how are u able to get evidence on players that have X-ray hacks. Since if u want to report a hacker that is hacking, u would need a recording of them demonstrating it. However, how do u record them doing it? Let's not talk about how long u need to stay recording for u to catch...
  4. WeAreFamily

    Uh (Staff/Owner) Do You Still Remember Normal Factions?

    I just want to know why Normal Factions does not recieve a reset, whereas all the other gamemode recieve at least 2 reset per year. There is still players that have ranks in the gamemode that plays there. Other players always say how Normal Factions is bad because no one is playing, that is...
  5. WeAreFamily

    Denied Minigames Damage Indicator

    Minecraft username: XxSweetCandyxX Suggestion: Damage Indicator Detailed description: I want to know why is the heart indicator allowed but the damage indicator is not allowed. Reason(s): The heart indicator and damage indicator I think are the same in terms of showing enemy hearts. So...
  6. WeAreFamily

    Denied Global Add Ban Extension

    Minecraft Username: XxSweetCandyxX Suggestion: Add Ban Extension Detailed description: For players that are found for ban evasion add extensive punishment to their main. Reason(s): People usually commit ban evasion is because the account that is banned for ban evasion, the player does...
  7. WeAreFamily

    Question About the Rule

    Does this rule apply in Factions where traps are not usable? If so I just want to clarify that tp trapping is different from normal trapping. Tp trapping the player cannot resist being trapped. Whereas normal trapping the player has the will to decide whether if they want to get close to the...
  8. WeAreFamily

    When Will It Reset?

    Anyone wanna make a prediction when the next Factions reset will happen? My bet for the reset to occur will be around the end of the year or even a bit after January.
  9. WeAreFamily

    Denied Factions Reset The Gamemode

    Minecraft Username: XxSweetCandyxX Suggestion: Reset The Gamemode Detailed description: N/A Reason(s): Normal Factions have not reset for a few months after the season have ended. So I want to ask If there is any chance for a server reset so players can come back again ( or the reset...
  10. WeAreFamily

    Ban Evading...

    I want to know what is Ban Evading for everyone. I thought ban evading is when a hacker acc got caught and directly logs off so then the staff is unable to ban them. But now I heard that if an acc got banned and come back again with another acc playing normal, that would be called ban evading...
  11. WeAreFamily

    Start Factions Again?

    The reason I post this thread is to ask for a reset on normal factions. Players may say normal factions is dead or not popular because most players are playing OP factions more frequently. I want to say is that is not really true because if u enter the server, u would see the server is mostly...
  12. WeAreFamily

    Denied OP Factions Increase Raiding Spawner Efficency

    Minecraft Username: XxSweetCandyxX Suggestion: Increase Raiding Spawner Efficency Detailed description: Insert a new way to raid spawners. The original way of using creeper eggs to raid spawners is not very effective. As doing a raid, there is like 10 blaze that can be raided. But using...
  13. WeAreFamily

    Faction Bugs

    The /f top and /f value commands is not working
  14. WeAreFamily

    Denied Kit-PvP Console/Glitches

    Suggestion: Console/Glitches Detailed description: Whenever players pvp, they sometime runs and i acknowledge that. However some players just run and want the player to chase him so then they can use the glitches to kill him through the console and obtain their kits. Which causes kitpvp to be...