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  1. DreamyXero

    Quitting Pika - Level 89 + Cheater clips!

    I had fun with pika for around 2 years, I think it's time I finally take my leave though. Thank you my many friends of Pika Network! if u wondering why im making this, it's because i was bored, so don't mind the cringe
  2. DreamyXero

    Discord ban appeal

    where do I appeal a discord ban evens though I know it will get denied. don't know what i was doing with that poll lol
  3. DreamyXero

    How high is your finals kills divided by losses (final deaths)

    Title ^^ I have 4.06 how about you guys? Imagine Zxga looks at this and has 11.56 or something.
  4. DreamyXero

    Denied BedWars Inventory manager

    Minecraft Username: DreamyXero Suggestion: Inventory manager Detailed description: It is something that allows certain items go into a specific slot, instead of going into the first open slot there is. Reason(s): I try to get fast games but, I need to switch my blocks to the second slot.