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  1. 0Mad0Max0

    Update Factions - Help us with the next update! | February the 18th 2021

    Factions - PikaNetwork 2021 Greetings Pikacrafters, After the community poll on our Discord voted for normal Factions, we also want to hear what you would like to see in the upcoming Factions season. Community feedback is important to us to make the best decisions and make the game mode as...
  2. 0Mad0Max0

    Event Survival - Build Competition

    Survival Build Competition 23rd January - 6th May 2021 Greeting Pikacrafters, As we already mentioned in the Survival reset announcement, PikaNetwork will host an official Build competition for this season. The event will be hosted on the Survival game mode. Everyone is able to submit their...
  3. 0Mad0Max0

    Event OpFactions - Base Design Event | December 2020

    🎄 Christmas - Themed Base Design Competition OpFactions December 2020 - 30 December 2020 🎄 Greeting Pikacrafters, As already mentioned in our OP Factions reset announcement, PikaNetwork will host a Christmas themed base design competition. The event will be hosted on the OP Factions game...
  4. 0Mad0Max0

    Event EVENT: Build Battle!

    BuildBattle Hosted by: 0Mad0Max0 and iiMankToxic Hello Pikacrafters The staff team will be hosting a Build Battle event on the upcoming Saturday, 3rd October at 5 PM GMT! Event Summary All players will have their own plots assigned for the duration of the event. There will be 5 themes each...