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  1. FIKOZ

    Give me some ideas, what should I add onto my Minecraft skin?

    My skin is just like my profile picture, a white skin with a black smiley face and thats it. I've been feeling like it's too blant and have been wanting to add something more to it but not sure what, so, wise people of the forum, I require your help!
  2. FIKOZ

    hi im fikoz :>

    hi im fikoz, im 15, im a staff member, im a rod pvper, im on the kills leaderboard in practice, and i love pika, thanks.
  3. FIKOZ

    Practice Remove grass/tall grass in LMS

    Username: FIKOZ Suggestion: Remove grass/tall grass in LMS Detailed description: When fighting in LMS - the grass tends to make the pvp a lot more difficult and unfair, and there is too much grass and flowers as well, they make quite a problem. Reason(s): Can't hit or even see the...