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    Denied BedWars more maps

    Username: rikulkharel Suggestion: more maps Detailed description: As maps are from Hypixel pika must make some new maps as people are more attractive towards new map and build 1 of proofs are . during the time jartex was down and a new map was bought in pika over 5k people played...
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    Denied SkyWars about the kit feature

    Username: rikulkharel Suggestion: about the kit feature Detailed description: only rank player get the ender perl and other player cant buy it even if they have a lot of coins as ender perl Reason(s): as ender perl can be used to kill player throwing it towards other island and get...
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    Denied OP Factions about blocks

    Username: rikulkharel Suggestion: about blocks Detailed description: the building blocks are way to less in /shop . Also water is bugged as we can change verson and abuse player by swimming in 1.16 fast and super slow in 1.8 Reason(s): Example(s): thank you
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    Denied Survival the shop featureb

    Username: rikulkharel Suggestion: the shop featureb Detailed description: the shops of survival is the main place for the people to earn money so there must not be shop advertisement it must automatic in the /shop Reason(s): these is because the advertisement gems and fire balls are...