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    How can i do these cool messages?

    so my friend can type these messages with these cool fonts and like corrupted looking messages without rank so can someone tell me how?
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    if i change my username of my account, will my stats reset?

    I'm an level 33 player and i want to change my ign so will the level and stats reset?
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    Lobby #7 is currently broken

    something just happened that removed the area in lobby 7 and we are falling in the void and i cant attach my video of it since it says too big
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    Why aren't invis not in the game?

    Imagine cheaters with invis, yeah. Not good.: if hackers use invis then why cant they add a good anticheat and even tho if they don't then they could atleast add a in-game report system with well taken action instead of losing to a hacker and have to do a post about it with evidence after...
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    Why aren't invis not in the game?

    I still don't get why invisibility potions is not in Bedwars. It's so help in so many ways. It would be useful to get beds, escape from fights and etc... I beg you guys to add it to Bedwars and people get diamond armour because invis isn't available to buy. So, Please add invis potion to bedwars!
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    Stupid Bhop, KillAura and safewalk hacker

    I was playing bedwars with 200 ping and i met this guy TOXIC_NOTE who was a hacker who had bhop, killaura and safewalk on toggle. I didnt get the footage of him getting by bed through blocks