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  1. iactivateMC

    I'm back

    So.....I'm back, I guess no one remembers me anymore and a lot has changed since I left a year ago I think....I gotta go find my old introduction.
  2. iactivateMC


    I'm going to leave. I don't really care now if you're happy about me leavin or not. I'll just wont be active very much. This is just going to be very short, I'm in a hurry anyway. Bye.
  3. iactivateMC

    Temporarily Leaving

    Dear Prison, I will be temporarily leaving the Prison community just because I'm busy with some other things. I have met my old friend on another server and we have not seen each other for a very long time. I might be back in about 1 to 2 months. I will still be online in forums and you can...
  4. iactivateMC

    New Name

    If you guys didn't know I changed my name from iactivateMC to Death. I made this thread so all of you guys won't be confused to who I really am. I may have some slight changes to my personality. That's all.
  5. iactivateMC


    Farewell Creative, I have left creative but I thought I posted a thread about it. I left about a month ago. Farewell my friends, EnderNinja301, @_Sans__ , AbedKilani and many others I forgot to mention. I will be visiting there per month to see how you are doing. I have moved to Prison and OP...