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  1. NoL1mit


    heyo peeps of pika im interested in your highest kill streak,comment them under here :) mine is 436
  2. NoL1mit

    Accepted Kit-PvP Suggestion: to improve the new kitpvp

    Suggestion: for KitPvP Detailed description: the first suggestion id like to make is to add a killstreak announcer like there is with 5, 10 , 25, 50 Etc. for 125, 150, 175, 200. all the way up to 1000 or maybe even 2000. of course it should give the players that reach those high killstreaks...
  3. NoL1mit

    A guide to Kit-PvP

    How to claim a kit? Simple, just do /kit and select the desired kit. Teleportation commands /spawn /tpa [Player name] /tpaccept or /tpyes /tpdeny or /tpno Miscellaneous commands /vote /nick (won from a crate) /fix (obtained from having a rank or from a crate) Donator commands Note: all...
  4. NoL1mit

    everything you need to know for kit-PVP

    Member commands Kit commands /Kit archer /kit scout /kit swordsman /kit warrior /kit ninja /kit knight /kit piranha /kit gladiator /kit daily Teleportation commands /spawn /warp [warp name] /tpa [Player name] /tpaccept or /tpyes Sell commands /sellhead /Sell hand /sell all Miscellaneous...
  5. NoL1mit

    Mod folder

    please vote if you want me to release my mod folder.
  6. NoL1mit

    face reveal? :O

    should i do a facereveal or no?
  7. NoL1mit

    Denied Kit-PvP Suggestion: add /adshop in kitpvp

    Suggestion: add /adshop in kitpvp Detailed description: /adshop doesnt work in kitpvp smh Server/Place suggestion is intended: Kit-PvP Reason: this is in all servers and i dont see why not Example:
  8. NoL1mit

    Denied Forums Suggestion: reactions

    Suggestion: reactions Detailed description: helper: a reaction for helper+ something like "helper approved" Moderator: a reaction for Moderator+ something like "Moderator approved" same goes to admin and head admin and maybe even owner incase yoeri ever gets on the forums. add these...
  9. NoL1mit

    My PvP mod list

    here is a list with all the mods i use ;) incase someone is interested. 1.8.9: http://bitigee.com/2eGH more soon to come
  10. NoL1mit

    Accepted Forums ACCEPTED: bedwars forum

    Suggestion: bedwars forum Detailed description: since bedwars is officially a gamemode i think it should get its own forum, no need to explain much. Server/Place suggestion is intended: Forums Reason: its a gamemode like all the ones ;) Example:
  11. NoL1mit

    Denied Forums Suggestion: donator shoutbox

    Suggestion: donator shoutbox Detailed description: a donator shoutbox (not for the forum donators but the server donators) Server/Place suggestion is intended: Forums Reason: its a great addon to the forums Example:
  12. NoL1mit

    Doing an event

    what is the event you ask? comment below if you want to play i will make a list and players will 1v1 eachother on practice to get higher in the list 1st place gets 1 ultimate set 2nd place gets 2 legend sets 3rd place gets 1 legend set 4th gets 5 vip sets THE EVENT WILL BE HAPPENING APRIL 22nd...
  13. NoL1mit

    Denied Forums Suggestion: add the rating "helpfull"

    Suggestion: add the rating "helpfull" Detailed description: the rating "helpfull" should be added to the forums as another like option Server/Place suggestion is intended: Forums Reason: i've seen alot of non-staff players help out on the forums and it would be nice if you...
  14. NoL1mit

    happy easter <3

    happy easter and i hope you all make it a great day <3
  15. NoL1mit

    Denied Global Suggestion: /level reset

    Suggestion: /level reset Detailed description: this resets only your level and will keep your other stats Server/Place suggestion is intended: Kit-PvP Reason: i am lvl 100 on kit pvp and dont have anything to do and i wich i had /level reset Example:
  16. NoL1mit

    1k kills achieved

    i hit my 1k goal http://prntscr.com/ewesyo as proof vote on wich u think should be my next goal
  17. NoL1mit

    Denied Kit-PvP Suggestion: level rewards

    Suggestion: level rewards Detailed description: ive noticed that the board with all the level rewards is gone wich can be helpfull for lower levels that want to see what they will recieve Server/Place suggestion is intended: Kit-PvP Reason: ive had 2xUltimate sets drop in the...
  18. NoL1mit

    forum or companion

    should i buy a forum rank or a companion
  19. NoL1mit

    team/joining my gang

    since i get a lot of questions like "wanna be a team", "can i join your gang". comment under here why you are better then all the other players that want to team with me. if i think ur "apply" if good i will notify you for a duel (1v1) and we will see further from there
  20. NoL1mit

    Denied Global Suggestion: /nick for donators

    Suggestion: /nick for donators Detailed description: /nick basicly means you can give yourself a nickname so less people target you Server/Place suggestion is intended: Kit-PvP Reason: i am an ultimate myself and a lot of players including hackers target me Example: