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  1. _DominikPro_

    Denied Store Titan rank fix

    Username: _DominikPro_ Suggestion: Titan rank fix Detailed description: When we click for more information about titan rank in the store there are some perks that titan rank has that were not mentioned there which are: ability to host private games for bedwars, ability to use /nick command...
  2. _DominikPro_

    Store Store purchase history

    Username: _DominikPro_ Suggestion: Store purchase history Detailed description: Add so we can see our purchase history on the store, like a button which allows us to see every store purchase we have made in past and for future. Reason(s): It would be cool and fancy with this small feature...
  3. _DominikPro_


    For everyone who already played this new mode how is it? Is it buggy or no i didn't try it still
  4. _DominikPro_


    What's the one thing by u that would change whole bedwars if it gets added?
  5. _DominikPro_

    Thoughts on maps

    What do y'all think are new maps better than the old ones or old maps better than the new ones? I personally like old maps more :yaychu:
  6. _DominikPro_

    Normal day

    Hello i just made this thread to ask how is everyone doing :0, also do u more like bedwars or Skywars?