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  1. krsy123

    make this thread #1 replied/viewed

    2 YEARS, LET'S GOO!!!
  2. krsy123

    give random alerts

  3. krsy123

    Denied Forums add flushed and pensive reactions

    I'll give this a +1 because I think it'd be nice to have
  4. krsy123

    what is this lol .

    Possibly just pearled there, or bridged then removed the path
  5. krsy123

    make this thread #1 replied/viewed

  6. krsy123

    omg dweam!!!! 11

    omg dweam!!!! 11
  7. krsy123

    Congrats, tlong!

    Congrats, tlong!
  8. krsy123


  9. krsy123

    Minigames add /ping

    I legit thought that was already a thing. Guess I was wrong. Anyway, +1
  10. krsy123

    Pika-Network Skywars With a YouTube Rank! W/ Titan_Leo

    Nice video, mate. Keep it up :)
  11. krsy123


  12. krsy123

    300 messages, finally.

    300 messages, finally.
  13. krsy123

    Denied BedWars my minigame idea

    So basically manhunt or hunger games with extra steps.. Meh. Neutral/-1
  14. krsy123

    Denied Global pikas custom texture pack

    -1, Reason is stated above, also not that needed
  15. krsy123

    how long yall ben playing pika

    Since 2020
  16. krsy123

    you good now?

    you good now?
  17. krsy123

    Can we Change Our Name

    Nope, no way to change it in pika.
  18. krsy123

    Accepted OP Prison List of Suggestions

    That's a pretty good list, probs to you
  19. krsy123

    PikaNetwork Uncut Skywars

    Great vid, I really like the idea of "uncut" gameplay videos.