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  1. Form

    Welcome to #1 Team Top #Best

    ⚔️Hello dear KitPvP Warriors!⚔️ 🤯My name is Form.🤯 🤯Me and my friends FuerzaI & leavemealxne are creating a new KitPvP once a new season comes up.🤯 We have our own Discord-Server that includes giveaways for KitPvP. 🤺Are you interested into joining KitPvP's #1 TeamTop? 🤺 💥 If so, apply here...
  2. Form

    One Word Story Nr.2

    I don't think I have to explain what this is, type any word and the others keep replying with a single word and let's get a story together.
  3. Form

    Woman ☕

    Let's do it guys :) I'll start: Woman ☕
  4. Form

    Accepted Kit-PvP Levels for KitPvP

    Username: Form Suggestion: Levels for KitPvP Detailed description: Example: OPPrison View: https://imgur.com/a/AQlSZaA View: https://imgur.com/a/FPwEUzX Each level has it's own challenge. Just like: -Level #1: Kill 5 Players -Level #2: Earn 200 Points -Level #....... ...