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  1. Just_Illuminate

    Do i go for 1k reports

    Do i try to get 1k accepted reports. At the moment i have over 500
  2. Just_Illuminate

    Practice Remove Ranked Archer

    Minecraft Username: Just_Illuminate Suggestion: Remove Ranked Archer Detailed description: Ranked Archer is a very niche gamemode and doesn't have the playerbase to support it having a ranked mode. (This could also be said for debuff and noenchant.) Archer is a very basic gamemode that...
  3. Just_Illuminate

    I havent done one of these yet so ye

    i suck at block game thats basically it. i play Skyblock - both modes - 1.17 csb is meh bedwars - should be a leaderboard player but banned players stay on the leaderboards practice - em 1 opp - i built a cell island out of emerald blocks because i was bored and havent touched it since...
  4. Just_Illuminate

    Practice Team Colours in parties

    Minecraft Username: Just_Illuminate Suggestion: Team Colours in parties Detailed description: Give players coloured nametags depending on which team you are in, in a party split fight. For example, Blue - Red Reason(s): In public parties it can be hard to tell who your teammates are...