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  1. Zxga

    BedWars Leaderboards Improvements

    Minecraft Username: Zxga Suggestion: Leaderboards Improvements Detailed description: The idea of Leaderboards changes & improvements: •Top Games Played Leaderboard should be replaced with Top Beds Broken Leaderboard •Top Kills Leaderboard should be replaced with Top Final Kills Leaderboard...
  2. Zxga


    We need Muaz. Muaz = Life. We love Life. We love black people. We love Muaz.
  3. Zxga

    Quick Story

    Me and my friends are on a somewhat good winstreak and we queued 40+ levels in Fours... They said they will target us, but they forgot, so this happened:
  4. Zxga

    Denied BedWars /leave & /rejoin commands improvement

    Minecraft Username: Zxga Suggestion: /leave & /rejoin commands improvement Detailed description: As we all know, when player types /leave, they cannot rejoin their game anymore. /rejoin command works only when player gets kicked from the server and then reconnects. My recommendation is...
  5. Zxga

    Denied Minigames Remove Ender Pearl damage

    Minecraft Username: Zxga Suggestion: Remove Ender Pearl damage Detailed description: In Skywars & Bedwars Ender Pearls are very important for clutching a game, so I'd like to suggest to remove damage that Ender Pearls are dealing from these gamemodes. Reason(s): Pearls are usually used...
  6. Zxga

    How to get good

    Read title twice. This is a thread that should make you better in-game. First and first get good and stop being toxic damn. Second if you're cheating and somebody sent this to you, just know that you're a pure loser. L
  7. Zxga

    BedWars Minigames /nick command Improvement

    Minecraft Username: Zxga Suggestion: Minigames /nick command Improvement Detailed description: Hello so this suggestion is about /nick command improvement. So since we're meant to be disguised when we use /nick command I think it's okay to allow us to pick skin for our disguise and to allow...
  8. Zxga

    So I decided to fight a Sumo legend...

  9. Zxga

    Denied BedWars Bedwars and Skywars /myposition command

    Minecraft Username: Zxga Suggestion: Bedwars and Skywars /myposition command Detailed description: Hello everybody, My recommendation is to add a command /myposition or /mypos to check you weekly, monthly and lifetime statistics and positions. For example if players are wondering which...
  10. Zxga

    BedWars Shopkeeper buying system

    Minecraft Username Zxga Suggestion: Shopkeeper buying system Detailed description: Players have their own habits of using items and in which inventory slot they're putting swords, blocks, tools etc. When players, for example, want to buy wool, when they point with their mouse cursor and press...
  11. Zxga

    _ItsToby25 and his children having a long walk

    Thank. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6T-kPKr2x8&feature=youtu.be
  12. Zxga

    Accepted BedWars Faster generators

    Minecraft Username Zxga Suggestion: Faster generators Detailed description: My recommendation is to speed up generators in doubles and triples bedwars. Some people don't know that generators can split if they wait for their teammate next to it so I decided to recommend this. Reason(s): Games...
  13. Zxga

    Accepted BedWars Fireball (Fire charge) Jump

    Minecraft Username Zxga Suggestion: Fireball (Fire charge) Jump Detailed description: Lately, I saw people complaining about this and I think they're right. Adding fireball jumps would be such a good thing. You can use that for escaping from someone, if you don't have enough blocks and if...
  14. Zxga

    Accepted BedWars Leaderboards statistics replacement

    Minecraft Username Zxga Suggestion: Leaderboards statistics replacement Detailed description: I've contacted so many players and we agreed that leaderboards statistics should be replaced. Top 15 most games played should be replaced with top 15 bed broken players. Top 15 Kills should be...
  15. Zxga

    Accepted BedWars More in-game cosmetics

    Minecraft Username Zxga Suggestion: More in-game cosmetics Detailed description: Add new in game cosmetics: 1. Bed break effects- When player breaks opponent's bed effect that player selected(bought) in lobby should appear. 2. Final kill effects- When players final kills their opponent...
  16. Zxga

    Accepted BedWars Water fix + Aqua affinity

    Minecraft Username Zxga Suggestion: Water fix + Aqua affinity Detailed description: Adding aqua affinity on helmet makes player break blocks way faster while he's in the water. That makes water useful and worth its price in PikaNetwork bedwars. In my opinion water bucket is expensive, 1...