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  1. Ønce

    OPSB Keys

    Selling keys on OPSB for Pika Gold What im selling: 34 Godly keys, 68 Unique Keys! if you buy all of the keys you get an free additional 2 stacks of epic keys and 4 stacks of vote keys! View: https://i.imgur.com/F3AOss8.png Note: The godly and unique keys are worth around a total of 23000...
  2. Ønce

    Accepted OP SkyBlock Fix /skills

    Username: Mr_Slender Suggestion: Fix /skills Detailed description: So, few days ago I was wondering if I should level up my banker /skills to get some buffs, though then realized that you have to get over 52M xp to reach max level, I did some basic math's and saw that it would take someone...
  3. Ønce

    highest ws?

    Anyone wanna team up with me and try making a high winstreak? dont really care if your a pro or not, mainly just doing this for fun
  4. Ønce

    OPSB items for pika giftcard

    Immortal Scroll 2 Permanent fly command voucher 4x Gsets ( not maxed but not trash either, some nearly maxed some decent ) 40m Exp Bulk of money boosters: ( for free when buying : o ) 25x Sellwands INFO: THE SELLWANDS ARE 2X MULTIPLIERS EACH WITH 50 USES TRADING ALL OF THESE IN A BULK...
  5. Ønce

    Pika closed?

    Did pika stop working for you guys too?
  6. Ønce

    Denied OP SkyBlock Disable TnT's in opsb

    Minecraft Username: Mr_Slender Suggestion: Disable TnT's in opsb Detailed description: Disable tnts in opsb, either just make it that tnts cannot explode spawners or make a command in /is perms where you can set who can use tnts and who cant Reason(s): Why disable tnt's you ask? because...
  7. Ønce


    Can anyone give me the info about payouts in opsb?
  8. Ønce

    Accepted OP Factions add new gkits

    Minecraft Username: Mr_Slender Suggestion: add new gkits Detailed description: add the elf gkit in op fac aswell ( different enchants obvs ) reason below Reason(s): the elf gkit was added in op prison as a pvp gkit while op prison has a very small amount of pvpers, adding this to op fac...
  9. Ønce

    Trading opsb and opfac stufz

    Trading my op facs and opsb stuff for pickaxes/money/tokens/keys/ranks in op prison! Opsb stufz: 20T and some perm vouchers ( also like half stack vote keys ) Opfac stufz: A unique key, 4 Punch+ bows, 2 s18 axes, full of full of half unique sets and half immortal sets, 600B! And a seasonal...
  10. Ønce

    Trading op sb stuff for pika giftcard

    i am trading 18T+ and alot of mcmmo and a perm rare voucher for a 16$ pika giftcard ( u can make 16$ pika giftcard from clicking the custom giftcard button in giftcards ) dm Ønce#0001 for more info ( my nitro is about to finish so my tag will change, just ping me in pika discord and u can...
  11. Ønce

    Fix this server

    Can u guys people fix ur server? I keep on dying everytime from glitched in a fence when I threw a ender pearl there, i have lost more then 50 immortal sets and more then 25 immortal swords because I get glitched in a fence or slab, fix this
  12. Ønce

    Accepted SkyWars add new abilities

    Minecraft Username: Mr_Slender Suggestion: add new abilities Detailed description: im saying like add some more abilities like exploding arrows, poisoned arrows or stuff like Critical hits, this would make skywars more intresting and u guys can also do something like a third ability slot...
  13. Ønce

    Denied BedWars Add Bedwars payouts

    Minecraft Username: Mr_Slender Suggestion: Add bedwars events Detailed description: u guys should add events in bedwars for like "most eliminations" or 'Most wins" or u guys can do stuff like the person overall most highest in total of all 3 leaderboard. and these events should have cool...
  14. Ønce

    trading exp

    trading exp on op skyblock for stuffs
  15. Ønce

    Denied BedWars add bedwars powerups

    Minecraft Username: Mr_Slender Suggestion: add bedwars powerups Detailed description: my suggestion is to add bedwars power up so there is a use for bedwars coins, by powerups im talking about stuff like triple arrow, explosive arrow and stuff like vampire hits ( all of these should be...
  16. Ønce

    Is there any way to purchase a voucher?

    instead of buying like a straight rank, i wanted to ask if there is any way to like buy a voucher or something, for example like i can get legend rank voucher for 150 euro instead of getting normal legend rank for 150 euro