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  1. RyanDoesPvP

    Practice Boxing

    +1 But how about, instead of the diamond sword, its just bare hands.
  2. RyanDoesPvP

    Discord Enhancing the Discord server

    The Discord Server really needs a rework i'd say!
  3. RyanDoesPvP

    Survival Survival Suggestions for the next reset [Part - 2]

    +1 no questions asked, i'm being held captive by @HarrisKING
  4. RyanDoesPvP

    Survival Survival Suggestions for the next reset [Part - 1]

    +1, and why are you capping?
  5. RyanDoesPvP

    Update OpFactions - Reset | August The 19th 2022

    Looking forward to another season of staff abusement!
  6. RyanDoesPvP

    Update OpFactions - Help us with next the update! | August The 8th 2022

    We don't need new custom enchantments, this is not skyblock and 90% of the community doesn't want to do hour long pvp sessions just for a god set. This is not Skyblock!!!
  7. RyanDoesPvP

    Update OpFactions - Help us with next the update! | August The 8th 2022

    I feel like a raiding world would be nice, just don't make it broken. Balance out the Axes & Swords skills PLEASE The Eco has been pretty broken this season, i'd like to see a slowed down eco (maybe buff the prices on spawners) I like the Darkzone, but maybe make the darkzone mobs worth...
  8. RyanDoesPvP

    OP Factions Removal of Enemies Having Perms In Faction Claims.

    Buddy you fold on Pika Network 🤣, quit piping up at my guy YoutubeMemes.
  9. RyanDoesPvP

    Denied OP Factions genbucket rework

    The Gen Buckets went through too many reworks! I think they are fine the way they are.
  10. RyanDoesPvP

    BedWars Glyphs effects above the diamond generator

    Although i don't spend much time on Minigames, i believe this would be a cool feature. +1 from me!
  11. RyanDoesPvP

    Accepted OP Factions iChest Rework

    Honestly i give this suggestion a -1, solely bcz you have forgotten that Voodoo,Gunfire and Thiemo want your and others playing experinece on OPFactions to be the worst (they think its the best) so yeah, the worse experience players have the better for them!!!
  12. RyanDoesPvP

    Accepted OP Factions Improvements

    +1 for me, i agree with every part of this suggestion!
  13. RyanDoesPvP

    SkyWars Wii Kill Messages

    No problem man, again thank you for reminding me of the forums 🤣
  14. RyanDoesPvP

    SkyWars Wii Kill Messages

    No need to reply to my comment which was made ages ago. Thanks for giving me a notification tho, reminded me of this doggy forums
  15. RyanDoesPvP

    Denied OP Factions OpFactions Reset

    -1 cause you are a dirty Bulgarian
  16. RyanDoesPvP

    Tyrants Song

    Very soon! Stay tuned 👀 #tyrantsmeetup
  17. RyanDoesPvP

    Tyrants Song

    You are not a Tyrant mann, you are a fed ❤️ I tried to censor as much as i can man, i will release a Halal Version very soon!! Stay tuned 👀
  18. RyanDoesPvP

    Tyrants Song

    Yeah man, blood sweat and tears went into writing these lyrics
  19. RyanDoesPvP

    Tyrants Song

    Yeah man Somalia Got Ran is better indeed
  20. RyanDoesPvP

    Tyrants Song

    I'm King Ryan from the Tyrants faction The dirty lil' boy, used to sleep on the floor The same lil' n-word chased dawg by the store And now I got a win on Pika, n-word, I'm the G.O.A.T. [CCTV Cam] Heart so cold, need a Moncler coat Lexas cannon hot like he got it out the stove Your b weak, won't...