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  1. Z

    PvP & Bridging Montage!

    Finally a new video after a month without a video. I'll be posting alot more videos this month so stay tune! View: https://youtu.be/UO7e69By2VY
  2. Z

    Repost : PvP Montage

    This is an old video but I'll still advertise it here because I'm going to do daily uploads soon! View: https://youtu.be/uD8SoBnP8j4
  3. Z

    Group of Hackers!

    I found a group of hackers that have the same hacking client (as it seems) Usernames are in the screenshot PLEASE take care of this issue and get a better anti cheat..
  4. Z

    PvP Montage.. AGAIN

    Yes, another pvp montage. I'm not lazy, I'm just a little bit busy.. anyway thanks @HahaDontHappy1 for making the thumbnail! View: https://youtu.be/uD8SoBnP8j4
  5. Z

    PvP Montage!

    Hey! I made another video, it's only 2 minutes long but well it's still a video! View: https://youtu.be/Wi3W_skcCfk
  6. Z

    Denied BedWars More items in the shop!

    Username: ZappyThepro Suggestion: More items in the shop! Detailed description: Well I suggest for you guys to add more items in the shop, it's getting boring with the same items. This are list of items you guys might want to add! 1) Pop-Up Tower - Yes, It might be annoying if some random...
  7. Z

    How I LOST a Bedwars Event!

    Hey, another thread from me! So, this video was actually posted like 3-4 days ago. But I'll just send it here. It's basically a video from the Crazy Bedwars Event. View: https://youtu.be/Cdl19evZ3TA
  8. Z


    Hey, my name is Zap, some people call me Zappy. I'm a 14y old boy who doesn't have a life. I'm from Malaysia, yes hello fellow Malaysians! I usually play Bedwars, sometime maybe Skywars. My favorite colour is yellow, where the yellow geng at, aye? My birthday is on 2nd September. So, I'm...
  9. Z

    Cross Teaming

    Dreamy_Days and Asoad was cross teaming against me in a bedwars match please punish them this is not fun getting cross teamed
  10. Z

    Denied Add daily leaderboards

    Username: ZappyThePro Mc ign Suggestion: Add daily leaderboards Detailed description: Daily Kills, Daily Wins, and etc leaderboard Reason(s): To make sweaty kids play more