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  1. Tihispap

    Denied Global Builder Role

    Username: master_45 Suggestion: Builder Role Detailed description: Since `Build Team` role has been added in Staff Category on forums, i would like to suggest the addition of such role in the discord server and the addition of Builders applications. Reason(s): It would be helpful for...
  2. Tihispap

    Classic SkyBlock The old Era of Classic Skyblock (1.8)

    Username: master_45 Suggestion: The old Era of Classic Skyblock (1.8) Detailed description: Veterans of this gamemode will for sure remember this... The suggestions is regarding Classic Skyblock It's not a myth, neither a humorous joke that Classic Skyblock was one of the best...
  3. Tihispap

    Denied Discord Music Bot

    Minecraft Username: master_45 Suggestion: Music Bot Detailed description: My suggestion is related to the PikaNetwork discord server. Since Rythm has ended it's service, i wanted to suggest the addition of another music bot. It would be a good idea (if possible) for developers to code a music...
  4. Tihispap

    Denied Global Remove twitch rank

    Minecraft Username: Tihispap Suggestion: Remove Twitch Rank Detailed description: This suggestion is made about the Twitch rank. My opinion is that it should get removed . Reason(s): The reasons about this suggestion are the following: 1)None is applying for the rank since almost none is...
  5. Tihispap

    Accepted Global ./Rules

    Minecraft Username: Tihispap Suggestion: ./Rules Detailed description: I would like to suggest the addition of the /rules command. This command will sent a message to you which message will contain a link of the server rules ( Forums ) Reason(s): It will be helpful for new players to...