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  1. Alparo_

    Kit-PvP Add cooldown for enchanted golden apple

    Username: Alparo_ Suggestion: Add cooldown for enchanted golden apple Detailed description: As you may or may not know, players who use special sets usually have 1-5 enchanted golden apples on them which allows them to survive in case they are getting ganked. I think it would be good and...
  2. Alparo_

    Helpful OP Prison Guide

    OP Prison Guide OP Prison is a game mode on PikaNetwork where your goal is to mine resources in order to make money or tokens and use it to rank up or purchase something on the server. Let's give you a tour and some commands that can be used in this game mode. Various commands can help you...
  3. Alparo_

    Gangster Rank - OpPrison

    Hello. I am selling Permanent Gangster rank for pika gold. (1,800-2,000 gold or 4,000 iron) Note: Gangster rank in /goldshop is 2,250 gold or 5,000 iron. If you are interested and you wanna buy it feel free to DM me on Discord: Alparo#0586
  4. Alparo_

    Helpful Kit-PvP Ranks & Classes

    On Kit-PvP you can get ranks through crates or from the store also with gold currency from /goldshop Ranks Kit-PvP | VIP (5.00 EUR or 450 Gold | 1,000 Iron) Commands: Access to the /playervault command Access to the /workbench command Kit-PvP | God (12.50 EUR or...