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  1. Tihispap

    It's been like a year or so.

    It's been like a year or so.
  2. Tihispap

    eyo dev. ggs

    eyo dev. ggs
  3. Tihispap

    Petition to "Arrly"

    Admin on Pika when? 👀 .
  4. Tihispap

    Denied Forums Give reasons to why a report has insufficient details or evidence so that reporters know what to loo

    -1 Staff members already give reasons for denying a report. Nothing is done without a reason. ~Best regards, Tihispap
  5. Tihispap

    You wouldn't be smart not to give it a try.

    You wouldn't be smart not to give it a try.
  6. Tihispap

    Ayo less random

    Ayo less random
  7. Tihispap

    Denied Minigames Guild Coins

    -1 There isn't any need to buff the guild coins' achieving method.
  8. Tihispap

    Denied Minigames AFk cmd or /afk cmd

    -1 Already suggested. Best regards, ~Tihispap
  9. Tihispap

    Classic SkyBlock Huge Suggestions, Changes, Balancing, and Fixes

    +1 No need to give any reason for such reaction. Classic skyblock has to get updated NOW!!!
  10. Tihispap

    Denied Global Builder Role

    Username: master_45 Suggestion: Builder Role Detailed description: Since `Build Team` role has been added in Staff Category on forums, i would like to suggest the addition of such role in the discord server and the addition of Builders applications. Reason(s): It would be helpful for...
  11. Tihispap

    Classic SkyBlock The old Era of Classic Skyblock (1.8)

    A veteran is the one who started playing the game on its early days.
  12. Tihispap

    Classic SkyBlock The old Era of Classic Skyblock (1.8)

    Ruin team is willing to play if the game comes back in 1.8
  13. Tihispap

    Classic SkyBlock The old Era of Classic Skyblock (1.8)

    Username: master_45 Suggestion: The old Era of Classic Skyblock (1.8) Detailed description: Veterans of this gamemode will for sure remember this... The suggestions is regarding Classic Skyblock It's not a myth, neither a humorous joke that Classic Skyblock was one of the best...
  14. Tihispap

    Official Pika Minigames & Practice (1400+ members)

    Best PikaNetwork related server. It's worth to join! ~Best Regards Tihispap (PikaNetwork Minigames & Practice Ex-Admin)
  15. Tihispap

    Denied Discord Music Bot

    Minecraft Username: master_45 Suggestion: Music Bot Detailed description: My suggestion is related to the PikaNetwork discord server. Since Rythm has ended it's service, i wanted to suggest the addition of another music bot. It would be a good idea (if possible) for developers to code a music...
  16. Tihispap

    Hi ! It's me, StoPizza.

    A piece of an artist. Hope to see you soon Stopizza!! ~Best Regards, Tihispap
  17. Tihispap

    Is Lt_Hammerman bald?

    Existance of this thread is a question! Best Regards, ~Tihispap Pika Minigames & Practice | Admin
  18. Tihispap

    Accepted Classic SkyBlock Chorus Fruit Removal

    +1 It's a good suggestion but by my opinion, i would only deny the usage of the specific item from island warps. ~Best Regards, Tihispap