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  1. Akameontop

    Bye Love Yall

    I Just Want To Say That I Will Be Quitting Pikachu Network. Cya
  2. Akameontop

    i need obs settings

    so i came here today to ask you all to give me some obs settings for low end pcs since im using a low end pc
  3. Akameontop

    whats my wlr and kdr help

    so as some of you know i am really bad at maths and so couldu guys tell me whats kdrmy wlr and kdr
  4. Akameontop

    did vamp get nerfed

    i heard from some1 that vamp has been nerfed so has it been nerfed ?
  5. Akameontop

    who is the best sky wars main in your oppinion

    so bcz am new in the sky wars comm i want to hear what are best sky wars mains cz zxga recently quitted mc and dc
  6. Akameontop


    so recently i got on weekly lb but lb is dumb and is reloading i should be first but am second so i wanted to ask u guys do i start grinding for all time lb or do i try to get better at bed wars since am really bad at it s
  7. Akameontop

    Almost the perfect game

    so i was playing with my friend and i had this really insane game where i got really lucky to get to mid fast
  8. Akameontop

    dose sky wars take skill to win

    i dont think sky wars takes skill to win sky wars is made so anyone could win it was said by better players than me too by using eggs and snowballs bad players could push other ppl in void
  9. Akameontop

    8 kill game is possible with vamp 1

    so i just got 8 kill game with vamp 1 and it wasnt hard so u guys who offten complain about vampire 7 should just learn to play
  10. Akameontop

    Denied SkyWars Ranked Sky Wars

    Username: Akame Suggestion: Ranked Sky Wars Detailed description: Ranked Sky Wars would be a GameMode where There is no abilities nor pay to win kits so it would with ELO Reason(s): I feel like normal Sky Wars is fun but if u want to play with people Your Rank u should play Ranked Sky Wars