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  1. Polish3d

    Lucking123 cheating https://youtu.be/30Mrzi3-w18

    bug reports are something else,only developers can check bug reports while player reports can be checked by the whole staff team
  2. Polish3d

    who diz

    who diz
  3. Polish3d

    MrEpiko (EPIC_PLAYER)

    very very gay ngl
  4. Polish3d

    Accepted Global Make Rank Upgrades possible with gold.

    @Blazemon This suggestion was made before they added it to all gamemodes please check the date before you decide to say or react
  5. Polish3d

    MrEpiko (EPIC_PLAYER)

    ur very funny bro you should go to a circus they will enjoy ur humour very much.
  6. Polish3d

    shooting stars maybe, i think it would be nice

    shooting stars maybe, i think it would be nice
  7. Polish3d

    Is salwyrr launcher alowed ?

    lunar is on allowed clients list whilst salwyrr isn't
  8. Polish3d

    Is salwyrr launcher alowed ?

    Im gone from this conversation these replies are actually mind blowing,and not in a good way.
  9. Polish3d

    Is salwyrr launcher alowed ?

    quick question,are you blind?,you didn't bother to check the date nor the other replies to the post.Please check them before writing something.
  10. Polish3d

    Is salwyrr launcher alowed ?

    i lost half of my brain cells reading these replies.What can i say besides wow.You can ask every staff member,if its not on the dissalowed client/launcher list it doesn't mean that its directly allowed,you can go ahead and use it at your own risk but don't complain if you get banned for...
  11. Polish3d

    Denied Global Gkits / Rank Vouchers When Bought

    you can just buy them using gold and you get the vouchers and gold is worth it more to buy rather than the items directly. so a -1 from me.
  12. Polish3d

    got ip banned by my brother

    damn so ur saying he didn't mean to spam that for 5 min?You should 100% get unbanned. @Crni_ unban him men his brother didn't mean it.so its a false ban smfh.
  13. Polish3d


  14. Polish3d


    Bannable,also he was the one telling isseyakira to kill himself
  15. Polish3d

    wb men they did you wrong with that sr mod :(

    wb men they did you wrong with that sr mod :(
  16. Polish3d


    you can get banned for enc suicide . also blackmailing is allowed
  17. Polish3d

    Accepted OP Factions Throwable creeper eggs

    ok i upvoted angel don't f me :(
  18. Polish3d

    Denied Trade in beacons for money or tokens.

    you can sell them to players for money or tokens -1 and pika will pay less than players for sure anyway
  19. Polish3d

    Denied Global new game ideas

    -1 that would copy other servers and the owners want to be 'original' also i suggest you delete the post or atleast edit the ip out since its most probably bannable.
  20. Polish3d

    Denied Global In-game reporting system .

    already suggested alot of times -1 not gonna happen in the near future