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  1. Verseluft

    Forums New Reporter role

    Username: JustSuperiorr Suggestion: New Reporter role Detailed description: Introduction Great Reporter is great and all, But it's easy to get. There are active players who have over 300 reports. So a new role would be nice, This role would be a reward (ig?) to the active reporters. And this...
  2. Verseluft

    Forums Forums stats privacy

    Username: JustSuperiorr Suggestion: Forums stats privacy Detailed description: I have noticed in the new stats update, You are able to get friends list, stats list, current guild and last join. We should be able to hide atleast everything that isn't leaderboard data. I think this should be...
  3. Verseluft

    Minigames Major Guild Rank system improvements.

    Username: JustSuperiorr Suggestion: Guild Rank system, Rank display and new cmd Detailed description: Guild Owners can basically create a rank list and set permissions accordingly, Higher ranks could promote/demote/kick/ban/mute lower ranks that have the same permissions. Guilds like Vital...
  4. Verseluft


    The Halloween update thread was deleted ee