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  1. Polish3d

    Denied OP SkyBlock Remove Ghoul set from blackmarket or Make it possible to get the unbreaking from it

    Username: Polish3d Suggestion: Remove Ghoul set from blackmarket or Make it possible to get the unbreaking from it Detailed description: so,last season you could salvage the ghoul sets and get unbreaking 20 and protection 20 but now the mcmmo got removed and you can not do that...
  2. Polish3d

    Denied Mobsuit working while in inventory

    Username: Polish3d Suggestion: Mobsuit working while in inventory Detailed description: so lets say you want to grind exp and also level up your blaze pet.But you can use any exp multiplier set since you have to wear the suit on your head. Reason(s): To be able to make more exp while...
  3. Polish3d

    Denied Make the transfer prices for spawners lower

    Username: Polish3d Suggestion: Make the transfer prices for spawners lower Detailed description: so,the spawners prices on /transfer for spawners and spawner bundles are way to high.For example a iron golem spawner is around 7000 mobcoins which is way to much.Its not even worth on the...
  4. Polish3d

    Accepted Global Make Rank Upgrades possible with gold.

    Username: Polish3d Suggestion: Make Rank Upgrades possible with gold. Detailed description: so you currently can't purchase rank upgrades with gold which is pretty sad.since buying gold is worth it more than buying it directly it would be good to be able to buy rank upgrades with gold.( Its...
  5. Polish3d

    Accepted OP SkyBlock Make soul drop from player kills higher

    Username: Polish3d Suggestion: Make soul drop from player kills higher Detailed description: so,there is currently a 15% chance of getting a soul from a mob and 60% chance to get a soul from a kill.The kill soul drop chance should be higher in my opinion.People are more interested to get...
  6. Polish3d

    Denied Classic SkyBlock add skyqueen rank

    Username: daddy5k Suggestion: add skyqueen rank Detailed description: add skyqueen rank so my bbg CallMeDqrkneZz can be a queen like hes meant to be. Reason(s): so CallMeDqrkneZz can turn into a Queen Example(s): SkyQueen> CallMeDqrkneZz
  7. Polish3d

    Accepted OP Prison Buff Gkit Keys

    Minecraft Username: daddy5k Suggestion: Buff Gkit Keys Detailed description: So the gkit keys on opp contains 1 godly key, 2 unique keys, 4 epic keys and 8 vote keys while the gkit keys on survival,classic skyblock,opskyblock factions and opfactions have twice that ammount. What im...
  8. Polish3d

    Skyking Rank+Gkit keys Giveaway on csb and SkyLegend rank on Opsb

    There is currently a Skyking Rank+Gkit keys giveaway on csb hosted on Ruin's Official discord The Rank Is Permanent and the Gkit also Here is the invite link i wish everyone goodluck! https://discord.gg/39G9ZxZjAV There is an extra giveaway going on for a Permanent Skylegend rank due to us...
  9. Polish3d

    Denied OP SkyBlock Remove Hulk

    Minecraft Username: darius5k Suggestion: Remove Hulk Detailed description: So there is a crazy enchant named Hulk, Hulk 1 gives str 1 and slowness 2,Hulk 2 str 2 and slowness 3,Hulk 3 str 3 and slowness 4, But if you got the slowness effect before you equip the hulk armor piece the...