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  1. ItZiiko_

    OP SkyBlock OP SkyBlock Payouts Rules

    Username: ItZiiko_ Suggestion: OP SkyBlock Payouts Rules Detailed description: Hello, I've noticed that the Staff members were recently looking for suggestions for the OP Skyblock Payouts Rules, so there's my suggestion: - Strikes System: Strikes System is essential in a competitive...
  2. ItZiiko_

    OP Prison List of Suggestions for OP Prison V2

    Username: ItZiiko_ Suggestion: List of Suggestions for OP Prison V2 Detailed description: Bosses: PvE isn't so interesting in OP Prison, even killing the mobs on diamond dunes is pretty useless, so I'd like to suggest bosses. Bosses as you know are mobs, but pretty hard to kill...
  3. ItZiiko_

    Accepted OP Prison List of Suggestions for OP Prison

    Username: ItZiiko_ Suggestion: List of Suggestions for OP Prison Detailed description: ☉ Enchants: In this category, I'll suggest some brand new enchants that should be added to the server, but also buffs/nerfs for some enchants; ☉● Mine Digger (NEW!): has a small chance to dig the...
  4. ItZiiko_

    Accepted OP Prison Add a confirmation while harvesting non-grown drugs

    Username: ItZiiko_ Suggestion: Add a confirmation while harvesting non-grown drugs Detailed description: As you can see on the title, the suggestion is simply to add a Confirmation before harvesting non-grown Drugs. Reason(s): It will be usefull when we accidentally break Drugs that...
  5. ItZiiko_

    OP Prison Keys claiming from backpack

    Username: ItZiiko_ Suggestion: Keys claiming from backpack Detailed description: Add an option which makes Keys claiming from Keys Backpack more easy, that option will be a simple Shift + Left Click. Keys from backpack will directly go to player's inventory instead of having to claim the...
  6. ItZiiko_

    Denied Forums Notifications

    Username: ItZiiko_ Suggestion: Notifications Detailed description: Recieve a notification when someone downvote or upvote our suggestions. Reason(s): It will be usefull to know if its not a couple of alts (or friends) that are denying our suggestions
  7. ItZiiko_

    Denied OP Factions Nerf F-Top Winner

    Username: ItZiiko_ Suggestion: Nerf F-Top Winner Detailed description: So let's consider: -A Faction X got the 1st place on 1st biweekly payouts. -A Faction Y got the 2nd place on 1st biweekly payouts. -A Faction Z got the 3rd place on 1st biweekly payouts. All those Factions will get a...
  8. ItZiiko_

    Denied OP Prison Gems Store

    Minecraft username: ItZiiko_ Suggestion: Gems Store Detailed description: So let me explain, the gem store will be a store only unlocked at weekend, with this store you can buy some good items with gems (Gems that we can also use for upgrading cells not Ores) Reason(s): It will make...
  9. ItZiiko_

    Denied OP Prison Private Mines

    Minecraft username: ItZiiko_ Suggestion: Private Mines Detailed description: Add some tokens for Private Mines that can be obtainable only from crates (Godly and Unique) and Master pokeballs. (It will be low chances) To unlock the Private Mine, the player will have to collect around 15 of...
  10. ItZiiko_

    Denied OP Factions Iron Payout

    Minecraft username: ItZiiko_ Suggestion: Iron Payout Detailed description: Add more worth for Iron payout. Reason(s): It should be very usefull if you add more worth to the Iron payput, because it's really low comparing to what players playtime. So it would be a nice way to thank them...
  11. ItZiiko_

    Denied OP Factions Mob head chest/hopper

    Minecraft username: ItZiiko_ Suggestion: Mob head chest/hopper Detailed description: Add Mob heads chests and hopper for the OpFactions gamemode. Reason(s): It would be easy to grind mobheads and not getting inventory full of them. Or loosing them beacause of clearlag
  12. ItZiiko_

    Global Msg Toggle

    Minecraft username: ItZiiko_ Suggestion: Msg Toggle Detailed description: Be able to let some specific players message you when you've toggled your messages with a simple command Reason(s): It will be really usefull if some of your friends wants to message you and you've your messages...
  13. ItZiiko_

    Accepted OP Prison Buff donator mines

    Minecraft Username: ItZiiko_ Suggestion: Buff donator mines Detailed description: Buff the % of getting lucky blocks in donator mines (Higher rank= higher % to get lucky blocks) Reason(s): Cause the donator mines ain't really worth it in term of tokens