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  1. Ninja 4837

    [Tip] How to earn money really quick in Prison

    In this thread I will give you guys some tips to make money on Prison faster. If you follow my tips then you will get Z very fast. I hope you find this thread helpful Here are some of the tips 1. Make your Own Plot Shop -If you make your own shop then you can sell items for higher prices...
  2. Ninja 4837

    Skywars Tips 'n' Tricks

    WARNING: Again, this content is not mine and i do not own it, i just happened to find this @ PMC while looking for some plugins. I hope this will help you guys playing ! :) [--What is Skywars?--] Skywars is a minigame where you spawn on an island floating in air, along with other players. There...
  3. Ninja 4837

    What type of Build do you make in Buildwars ?

    I'd like to know and get some suggestions for Buildwars. What type of building do you usually make in Buildwars ? Pixel Art related to subject, plain, etc. I'd like to know :) Waiting for your replies.
  4. Ninja 4837

    [OP Prison] Let me know what type of picks you guys've got :)

    I just wanted to know what type of picks you guys've got in OP Prison servers. And also 1 question, are Rank picks any good ? Waiting for your replies :)
  5. Ninja 4837

    Some tips for a Newbie Skywars player ?

    What do you guys mainly prefer doing in Skywars ? Straight go to the middle, battle the opponent beside you or just sneek in your own little island ? I really get confused often and pull out random moves as i play. What is the best way to win in a Skywars match? Any suggestion,tips would be...
  6. Ninja 4837

    Anti-Cheat Suggestion

    My suggestion for Pika Craft Anti Cheat is to request for a Powerful Custom AAC Config to the author. I've seen many AAC servers having different AAC configs according to number of hackers,types of hacks,etc. Though Pika has improved a lot after having the AAC in the server but I'd still...
  7. Ninja 4837

    Need tips for Combo+Crits :)

    I'd be a happy man if someone could give me extra tips for Comboin and Crittin at the same time... Hit me up with a PM or a comment down below if you've got suggestions for me.
  8. Ninja 4837

    How i ended up on Pika....

    Hi! Its been almost like 2 years or something that I've been registered and playing on Pika. Though most of you guys may not know me, I'm actually a really nice guy :) Let me know and hit me up with a PvP battle or anything that you'd like to know about me, help , etc. I'm waiting to meet up...