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  1. FenixxPlayzMc

    Denied BedWars A better and clean look to personal Stats.

    Username: HowToWalk Suggestion: A better and clean look to personal Stats. Detailed description: Pika network needs to get a new, better and clean personal stats viewer. If pika could just add the same type of personal stats viewer like in Hypixel where you can see you winstreak, progress...
  2. FenixxPlayzMc

    ! Farm problems !

    Good day management, Pika network has a problem with it's farms. I spent nearly 1 hour building a 2-3 layer cactus 🌵 farm just to find out it doesn't work. First of the farm doesn't drop any cactus and for some reason it doesn't give me experience when I cook it. I think it has to do with the...
  3. FenixxPlayzMc

    ! Pika Network History !

    First of thank you Pika network for the awesome GUILD update. OK so everyone imagine this, Pika had a update Called Pika history... Where you can see gamemode stats as in - fastest game won - fastest game lost - most kills in a single game so forth you get the idea, Just imagine that :D
  4. FenixxPlayzMc

    ! My Sincere Apologies !

    I'm very sorry everyone and mainly to the staff for making it seem like PIKA NETWORK was the one offering build applications. I didn't mean to set off any alarms, To everyone feeling betrayed or mislead, I Fenixx take full punishment and responsibility for my actions, The application was for a...
  5. FenixxPlayzMc

    ! Builder Recruitments Available !

    Good day everyone, As of today there will be applications open for Pika Network Map Builders. Applications are currently open as of right now until the 19 / 08 /2022. So If interested please dont hesitate and fill in the form at ...
  6. FenixxPlayzMc

    ! Power In Your Hands !

    Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen, This serves as a matter of your / our gaming experience. Lately we all have experienced what we can say WELL PLANNED HACKERS. We all have experienced this horrible thing at least once or twice, heck even more. The point is, Pika, We the community ask that we be...
  7. FenixxPlayzMc

    Lack of "NEW FEELING"

    Good day Everyone, My main topic is about the bedwars community. Although PIKA did put effort and add new items, loot chests, maps etc. Bedwars still feels shallow for a grinder like me. Everyone who is that type knows Bedwars get boring so fast just in two games because either, A. You play bad...
  8. FenixxPlayzMc

    Hackers are bypassing

    A player by the name DX_Pikkk is hacking so blatantly without any watchdogs going bezerk...Please fix /report for immediate ban or kick
  9. FenixxPlayzMc

    False BAN

    Hey Fenixx here. And I just want to understand why I open my launcher and go to pika network and read "banned for 5 minutes for using cheats in skywars" I just came from church and started playing and reading my account has been banned for 5 minutes. SO may I just ask why im banned