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  1. hijackrusty

    Denied Classic SkyBlock Preventing teleportation while moving

    Suggestion: Preventing teleportation while moving Detailed description: Making it so /is or /spawn can not be used whilst falling or running to escape fall damage or conflict Gamemode / Platform: Classic SkyBlock Reason(s): I know this will probably be an unpopular opinion but being...
  2. hijackrusty

    Classic SkyBlock: Starter Guide!

    Hey Guys! :p Just got a bit bored and thought I'd write this Starter tips guide for anyone new joining the server or anyone new to skyblock! I know it's been done before but it's always easy to see a new thread when you're new on the forums! Where to begin? Firstly start off by getting yourself...
  3. hijackrusty

    Come build and make $$$ (in-game)

    Hey Guys! If anyone wants to help out on my skyblock, just looking to expand and build some houses, farms and grinders so I can eventually set up some shops for you guys. If you wanna help out, make some extra (in-game) money, or just have fun; then msg me on here, in game, or add my discord :D...
  4. hijackrusty

    Hey guys Hijackrusty here!

    Hey guys! Great to have finally found such a cool, friendly and fun server. Looks like a great community to be apart of and I can't wait to get to know everyone! I'm 18 from London, England, I'm also an ex-MC youtuber of 10K subs(humble brag:ROFLMAO:). Catch me on skyblock and prison servers and...