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  1. Navythe_slayer

    So what is happening?

    Just want something from the owners so at least tell what is going on on OPSkyblock and OPPrison since they are both down and have been for the longest time. Paid ranks on both and just dissapointed that its still down for so long.
  2. Navythe_slayer

    Denied OP SkyBlock Suggestion: OPSB Suggestions that HAS to be done...

    Suggestion: OPSB Suggestions that HAS to be done... Detailed description: 1. New crates 2. Remove Iron block Repair OR disable it in both /warp Mines 3. Actually make a Cool down for the OP items 4. New spawn ======================================= bugs that are: 5. No LuckyBlock...
  3. Navythe_slayer

    Denied OP SkyBlock Suggestion: OPSB Crates

    Suggestion: OPSB Crates Detailed description: Bring back the old crates on OP-Sky block, replacing the new ones. Server/Place suggestion is intended: OP-Skyblock Reason: Dear staff, Im making this thread because me and allot of other donator's / players would like the old...
  4. Navythe_slayer

    Denied Global Suggestion: Limited Accounts

    Suggestion: Limited Accounts Detailed description: Lower the limit for making new accounts from an IP address. The max should be around 3-5 accounts because of other people who are using the IP address. It seems like an appropriate amount to have. Although there is a limit I think that in...
  5. Navythe_slayer

    Getting different titles

    How do you change like getting new titles ... like for example mine is pika lover. What will I need to do to get like something different like epic pika for an example is it like the more I'm active on the forums?
  6. Navythe_slayer

    Denied Store Suggestion: New payments method

    Suggestion: New payments method Detailed description: Possibly add bitcoin payment for people who have a bitcoin bank? Server/Place suggestion is intended: Other Reason: I have 2 bitcoin and possibly would like a way to spend it on games. Many sites are adding this and I think...
  7. Navythe_slayer

    Pika network

    It's been a while since I had came back to the server. I just wanted to see how everyone is and most importantly the server pika-network. I would like to ask something... with the new co owner that is going to be on ,how is he? And why had Dutchminerhd hire him? I hope that the old staff are...
  8. Navythe_slayer


    MY PROFILE PICTURE IVE MADE IT MY SELF!!!! MY PROFILE PICTURE IVE MADE IT MY SELF!! MY PROFILE PICTURE IVE MADE IT MY SELF! Please rate it leave a like and comment below of what you think :)
  9. Navythe_slayer


    Should we Reset OPskyblock Or Rollback a week or so to fix issues in the server due to when the server got hacked. Vote Yes For Reset OPSkyblock Or Vote Maybe For farther Rollback Orrr Vote No for no reset or rollback and let OPskyblock be crap as it is...
  10. Navythe_slayer

    Denied OP SkyBlock Suggestion: Reset OPSkyblock NOW!

    Suggestion: Reset OPSkyblock NOW! Detailed description: Eveer since the server had got hacked during this time people started to buy a bunch of IG spawners and beacons and out them in there /ec or /pv if they had and when the server got online they just started having DP and making a...
  11. Navythe_slayer

    Denied Suggestion: Add DonorMine Into OpSkyblock

    Suggestion: Add DonorMine Into OpSkyblock Detailed description: it is the same thing as /warp mine but more OP and should only be for donators. the only difference is don't add Glow stone, glass, less ores and more blocks. Server/Place suggestion is intended: OP-Skyblock...
  12. Navythe_slayer

    Denied Suggestion: Donor Mine

    Suggestion: Donor Mine Detailed description: Add back the Donormine to the server for the Donators. Server/Place suggestion is intended: OP-Skyblock Reason: Since it is OPSkyblock there should be a mine for Donators. There will be to many people in warp mine soon and having...
  13. Navythe_slayer

    Bug Needs to be Fixed :s

    Hello, My Name is Navytheslayer and iv noticed that at /warp tokens the sign Fortune to uprade your item is bugged. All it says is you cannot upgrade this item... please fix this
  14. Navythe_slayer

    Navytheslayer Quits Pika!!!!!!!!!

    Im tierd of the staff and the server soo many bugs taking forever to be fixed Anyways I might come back in a year or so if the server is still up But bye! Sincerly, Navytheslayer
  15. Navythe_slayer

    I got banned (UnFair Ban)

    I got Banned for disrespecting Staff ... I know I said something that was not nice but I never said it TO II_DragonBoy_II and he banned me for it!!! WTF I messaged Dovarkin Saying this because I got warned soo many times by Dragon boy and hes Warning soo many people I think he just should tell...
  16. Navythe_slayer

    Rank Tranfer (Please Read).

    I Under stand that you guys don't really do rank to another server. I was on Pika-Craft for while now and the some game modes have been added and removed which was annoying due to the resets and different servers. Since Skyblock fire was removed alot of people who played skyblock fire left the...