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  1. TryH_strafe

    died because server kicked me?

    thats really sad tho -_-
  2. TryH_strafe

    died because server kicked me?

    hello my name is TryH_Strafe i was fighting at warp jungle and i was following this dude called " 1Miracle " he trapped me and i was fighting a 3 v1 nothing special or anything and suddently i get kicked and as soon as i saw it i started recording i log back in u can see the "respawn" button...
  3. TryH_strafe

    Accepted OP Factions Reset OPFactions // NOT REGULAR FACTIONS

    its true just give us a reset on opfactions the server is indeed dead..., and now there are 30 people online while halve of m are afk and doing nothing -_- like srly even bring back the OLD OPFACTIONS with gmc etc everyone will play like nothing before because everyone loved it back in the day...
  4. TryH_strafe

    bought a rank for nothing?

    heyy, my ign is TryH_Strafe i bought pro rank so i had /fix all , later i made a payement related post so i got hero rank but i diddn't get higher or money back because of pro back so i bought it for nothing?, i hope we can figure this out because payement rollback is bannble and i won't do it...
  5. TryH_strafe

    Lost my rank ?

    hey, my name is TryH_Strafe before the ownership changed from DutchMinerHD To voodoo/gunfire, i logged online i diddn't had a rank or anything i got video proof of me having topdonator before the server changed ownership, could i get help with my problem soon ? my discord is 1862fps#6868.
  6. TryH_strafe

    when is the reset

    well it's whitelisted at the moment they are resetting it adding new thing so go if u want don't judge other people ty <3
  7. TryH_strafe


    woody u are the best <3