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    Opskyblock Reset!

    Does anyone know does it reset?? Please tell me if u have any idea.
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    Lifesteal Adding /oncekit

    Username: ASSASSINX__ Suggestion: Adding /oncekit Detailed description: There should be one time kit (1 claim per ssn) for paid ranks like there are on other gamemodes. The devs can make the kits like. Divine rank 7x godly. 5x unique. 10x epic. 15x voting. Good netherite pickaxe...
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    Lifesteal GUI for /homes

    Username: ASSASSINX__ Suggestion: GUI for /homes Detailed description: I will keep this simple. There should be a pop-up hui when we do /homes to to to our set homes. It should be same as the one when we do /f in opfac (we to to our faction bases). Options of GUI. Able to rename and...
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    Denied Forums Addition of LifeSteal rules.

    Username: ASSASSINX Suggestion: Addition of LifeSteal rules. Detailed description: Life steal has been for quite some time (1ssn only tho) but it doesn't have any rules related in forums, Although some normal rules don't apply to this game mode but I think it should be added for players who...
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    Username: ASSASSINX__ Suggestion: TECHNOBLADE STATUE Detailed description: A TECHNOBLADE Statue should be added in the spawn area and in pvp area. This would be an tribute to the legend for next update. Reason(s): Adding TECHNOBLADE Statue doesn't require reasoning as that person had...
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    So .... Whenever you do /sellhead , you do not get opponent money buy you get 10% of your own balance. For example I have 10k in my bal , I do /sellhead on a skull , I get 1000 and the popup says ASSASSINX__ stole $1000 from your balance. You Stole $1000 from ASSASSINX__. IN...
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    OP SkyBlock Immunity from damage

    Username: ASSASSINX__ Suggestion: Immunity from damage Detailed description: I have seen players tp-killing by fal damage or other means , so an immunity from any kind of damage for 3 seconds whenever we /is (player) or tp-accept would solve these problems Reason(s): Reduce rule...
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    OP SkyBlock SkyDungeon

    Username: ASSASSINX__ Suggestion: SkyDungeon Detailed description: This will be a event like outpost but it will biweekly (once in two weeks). There will be an additional Opsky gamemode based island (Or rather Dungeon) that will be open when only the event starts. The Event will be for 3...
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    Who knows..

    Who knows about a account (on forums) 2angelo4 ??
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    1) How to earn power? 2) How to get player heads ?
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    OP SkyBlock Making rotating /bm reset more.

    Username: ASSASSINX__ Suggestion: Making rotating /bm reset more. Detailed description: /bm rotating shop resets on a day and that time is when I sleep, midnight. So I think it would be fair that it resets in a 12 hrs interval or 8 hrs so that players whose timezone clashed with the...
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    So this all happened today, I had just connected Opsky and I checked on things for 1 min Or so and then someone send me a request to trade. I was busy with stuff so I ignored for a moment. He then send me tp required, I had about 1t on my acc right then and only skygod normal armor so I didn't...
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    How to report rule-breakers.

    So I want to know how to get enough evidence for reporting rule breakers, Like what software to make video clip for reporting ❓
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    Forums Change The looks of forums

    Username: ASSASSINX__ Suggestion: Change to looks of forums Detailed description: As Halloween is near and Pika Network work has brought new Halloween related stuff so it would be fair enough to give Forums some Spooky Looks. Hoping to see some Orange Reason(s): I have the same template of...
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    Bosses Despawn at last moment!

    Someone please fix the bosses. Bosses despawn when they are about 500-1000 hp left . Also previously the bosses didn't even spawn when used eggs and just gone! People are not able to complete their mission because the bosses just don't spawn or they spawn in lvl 55+ mines. Don't ask me to...
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    OP SkyBlock Make Bosses Spawn on certain number of mob kills!!

    Username: ASSASSINX__ Suggestion: Make Bosses Spawn on certain number of mob kills!! Detailed description: The bosses in /warp mines should spawn when a certain number of mobs are killed . Example - The Ice Dragon in Snow cave will spawn when 1000 Snow creepers are killed. Reason(s)...
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    How lucky am I ??

    So yesterday I opened my abandoned Gkit and .. Got 3 Mystery Gkit Vouchers in a row . Tell me if I was really lucky. Note :- I got 1 new Gkit .
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    Explosive Bow is not working.

    The explosive bow which we get from Rumble Boxes doesn't make explosion but works like a normal how., I have experienced it twice. Please Fix That
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    I want Ransom.

    I have kidnapped Your developer Warth , i demand removal of lag in bedwars as ransom here is proof:- View: https://imgur.com/a/BqeWt7t