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  1. NitinHGamer

    Nothing much, wbu?

    Nothing much, wbu?
  2. NitinHGamer

    Hello bro

    Hello bro
  3. NitinHGamer

    Hello mates, what's going on?

    Hello mates, what's going on?
  4. NitinHGamer


  5. NitinHGamer

    Make a chain.

    Teri mummy
  6. NitinHGamer


  7. NitinHGamer

    What is your favorite Practice Gamemode and why?

    I used to play uhc, axe PvP and classic...
  8. NitinHGamer

    need a girlfriend

    go jim @amarzaib1 . 15 year
  9. NitinHGamer

    What is the best kit in your opinion?

    Every kit has decent things If you learn to use them, you can become unbeatable
  10. NitinHGamer

    BedWars Team mate tracking

    Neutral Personally, i don't think it's important
  11. NitinHGamer

    Denied BedWars /report

    Already suggested and got denied And you can report a player from forums
  12. NitinHGamer

    Denied Minigames Pls fix kicks and bans for drag clicking

    First of all this isn't a suggestion The methods which give you higher cps can be kick able ( autoclicker )..
  13. NitinHGamer

    Denied BedWars Faster generator

    Already suggested and got denied.. And some maps have fast gens
  14. NitinHGamer

    got bored again V2

    That inner glow 🔥 That Text warp 🔥🔥
  15. NitinHGamer

    Event EVENT: Party Games!

    Creative event 🐐 Let's see who will destroy this time 👀
  16. NitinHGamer

    Discord Punishing "out of the server" users

    +1 Many great reporter grinders lose thier grind because of this
  17. NitinHGamer

    Minigames Add fireballs coming out of the dragon's head in the dragon rider victory dance

    +1 Oh yeah!!!! Now my game will work on 2 fps
  18. NitinHGamer

    BedWars New Trap - Scorching Venom

    +1 I love this name ngl I dunno that why people didn't like this name...
  19. NitinHGamer

    BedWars holten forge

    -1 It increase the level of players who like to camp
  20. NitinHGamer

    Good to hear. Am good too

    Good to hear. Am good too