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  1. Sh4r1m

    Denied BedWars Doctor kill messages

    Username: Sh4r1m Suggestion: Doctor kill messages Detailed description: I request PikaNetwork to add extra kill messages, so I will describe it below: Kills and Final kills messages: <Player> wasn't able to be rescued in time by <You> <Player> was too late to be in the hospital of...
  2. Sh4r1m

    I want to reach 200 reaction before June, Can I or I can't?

    Hello, please tell me if I can or cannot by voting, Thanks so much for voting
  3. Sh4r1m

    BedWars In-game cosmetic

    Username: Sh4r1m Suggestion: In-game cosmetic Detailed description: I want PikaNetwork to add more messages for kills, so I suppose to add this Epic tier kill messages, requiring a mystery box to unlock it, no ranks required: Kills and final kills messages: <Player> was given an UNO...
  4. Sh4r1m

    Denied BedWars Make sharpness available in axes

    Username: Sh4r1m Suggestion: Make sharpness available in axes Detailed description: I want PikaNetwork to add sharpness in axes, it would be so cool, I would really appreciate it!!! Reason(s): Axes would be better than swords
  5. Sh4r1m

    Denied SkyWars Add Chopper Kit

    Username: Sh4r1m Suggestion: Add Chopper Kit Detailed description: So basically, I want PikaNetwork to add a new kit, which includes a diamond axe and 64 wood planks. It costs for 6,500 coins in skywars shops or can be owned by a mystery box. It is "Epic tier" , but it doesn't require VIP to...
  6. Sh4r1m

    Important question to ask!!!

    Hi guys, what does a scanned report mean
  7. Sh4r1m


    Hi guys, can anyone gift me a donation rank, and I'll give him/her 2 stacks of voting keys in OP Prison
  8. Sh4r1m

    Make this the most positive thread!!!

    Please react this positively, thanks
  9. Sh4r1m

    Denied BedWars Add stone axes in bedwars tool buy NPC bruh ;(

    Username: Sh4r1m Suggestion: Add stone axes in bedwars tools buy NPC bruh ;( Detailed description: As you know, you can go to Shop NPC and go to Tools and you'll find Wooden, Stone, Iron, and Diamond Pickaxe, but in axes, there is only Wooden, Iron, and Diamond Axe, but no Stone Axe!!! Please...
  10. Sh4r1m

    About zSeann

    Hi guys. You might know about @zSeann that he is a staff member, but do you know he makes global 2.0X coin boosters. I love @zSeann , please support him.
  11. Sh4r1m

    VIP rank

    VIP rank is insane. It can do game-breaking features. Please 👍 or ✅ my comment if you agree with me. Thanks so much :) .
  12. Sh4r1m

    The best defense in bedwars

    If your answer doesn't suits with any of these, please tell me in the comments. Thanks so much :) .
  13. Sh4r1m

    Denied Lobby Add VIP rank for 3 months

    Username: Sh4r1m Suggestion: Add VIP rank for 3 months Detailed description: I want VIP for 3 months option in the VIP shop. It would cost 550 Vote Tokens. Reason(s): So I could get VIP for the next 3 months Example(s): So I could buy VIP foe the next 3 months
  14. Sh4r1m

    Denied SkyWars Add crossbows in skywars chests

    Username: Sh4r1m Suggestion: Add crossbows in skywars chests Detailed description: I want crossbows in skywars chests. Like bows, I also want crossbows. It's better, because more damage, more accurate shots, etc. Reason(s): Crossbows will take more time, but more accurate shots, more...
  15. Sh4r1m

    Denied BedWars Add Pillager and Vindicator spawn egg

    Username: Sh4r1m Suggestion: Add Pillager and Vindicator spawn egg Detailed description: I want Pillager and Vindicator spawn eggs. Pillager spawn egg would be achieved using 75 iron, meanwhile Vindicator spawn egg would be achieved using 100 iron. Their use is to kill invaders (players...
  16. Sh4r1m

    Denied SkyWars Remove fences in skywars

    Username: Sh4r1m Suggestion: Remove fences in skywars Detailed description: Please remove fences in skywars. It is so laggy when you step on it. Please remove it!!! Reason(s): It kicks me :( . Example(s): It kicks me as saying client modification!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Sh4r1m

    The Best Thing on Bedwars

    Please vote this. Thanks so much!!!!! Warning: This is a very hard question not gonna lie!!! Note: You can vote from 1 till up to 3 votes, thanks!
  18. Sh4r1m


    Bedwars is amazing not gonna lie!!!
  19. Sh4r1m


    Skywars is amazing not gonna lie!!!!
  20. Sh4r1m

    Denied SkyWars Add Veteran boots

    Username: Sh4r1m Suggestion: Add Veteran boots Detailed description: I want veteran boots. Veteran boots would give you resistance 1 when wearing it and make it only obtainable by rumble boxes or VERY rare middle chests. Reason(s): Veteran boots would be really useful as bouncy or speedy...