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  1. MrRavagen

    Question about last 2 ranks

    So what does Wizard and Noble have? Slendy allready mentioned about Samurai, Ninja, Warlock & Alchemist, but not Wizard and Noble. I believe they were added later on, but I have no idea what do they contain. If I can get some information about them first then maybe people will buy them. This...
  2. MrRavagen

    Great staff leaves..

    It's sad to see you go.. I don't know if you will make a forum post.. (at least 1 did and I made 1 for all of you) Good job for the past work! I hope you will live life and don't give up what will be ahead. Go where the road leads you! :heart: PizzaMC, ZeroGiven, Draegoner, Salwaswemi &...
  3. MrRavagen

    Denied Discord Suggestion: Media for Discord

    Suggestion: Media for Discord Detailed description: We could be able to add our Pictures, but even though it's called Media, it should not have Links in it. If someone sees something funny or just wants to give everyone something to see, they put the picture or screenshot in "Media"...
  4. MrRavagen

    The Staff Wall

    I am making a Staff Wall in Creative. These are the staff who I have on the wall at the moment: Senior-Admins / Head-Admins: TheBearKingHD Robin Nijmeijer Draegoner (Ex staff now) Network-Admins: RockyGaming (Added after this post) ASCB_imran (Added after this post) Moderators...
  5. MrRavagen

    Ranks? What do each 1 do?

    Before I want to buy any rank, can I know what does each 1 do? /warp ranks doesn't help. /warp library doesn't exist. So I found out that Unicorn gets Repeaters & Minecrarts, but what else do they get? Mystic? Custom? Before I waiste money can I get knowledge of each of them, thank you :)
  6. MrRavagen

    Denied Creative Suggestion: Plot lock for Creative

    Suggestion: Plot lock for Creative Detailed description: I don't want people to see my plot in Creative when I'm building so I want the same command like in Classic Skyblock (is lock) but in here Creative and the command would be /plot lock (on/off) What does /plot lock do? It will not...
  7. MrRavagen

    Denied Global Suggestion: Wings!!

    Suggestion: Wings!! Detailed description: We should add wings instead of just floating IF you can fly. I play mostly Classic Skyblock so at least there we should add it. I know this might get laggy but most people are members who don't have /fly command. I'd suggest this on all servers...
  8. MrRavagen

    Denied Global Suggestion: Tpa in pvp arena Not Allowed

    Suggestion: Tpa in pvp arena Not Allowed Detailed description: Currently we can tpa anyone in pvp arena or tpa out. We need to make it so you can't do it anymore and if you try doing it, it will say "Tpa not allowed here". I don't know any other servers if they have this but at least we...
  9. MrRavagen

    Denied Lobby Suggestion: Lobby?

    Suggestion: Lobby? Detailed description: When we are posting a ban report, can we get "Spawn" on the selection? There was an advertiser when I was in Lobby and there wasn't "Other" or "Lobby" in the selecion. We can do that you Can't speak when in the Lobby. Server/Place suggestion...
  10. MrRavagen

    Denied Global Suggestion: Someone is typing...

    Suggestion: Someone is typing... Detailed description: When you look at the forums you see any kind of thread / post and you want to check 1 of them out. If someone is typing something in the thread/post you will see on the bottom of the thread/post "Someone is typing..." If the person...
  11. MrRavagen


    Theres these NPC's at spawn, but you can't talk to them. Do I need to get 1.10? I'm playing 1.9 atm. When you try talking to them it says "Unknown command" or something similar. Where are they useful either way?
  12. MrRavagen

    Denied Global Suggestion: Group called Bigger Donator

    Suggestion: Group called Bigger Donator Detailed description: Has this been suggested allready? We should have a new group "Bigger Donator" If we donate more than 100$, we move to that group. It's just an suggestion but it would be awesome if people notice us as a bigger type of...
  13. MrRavagen

    Denied Classic SkyBlock Suggestion: A Bunch of Ideas for Classic SkyBlock

    Suggestion: A Bunch of Ideas for Classic SkyBlock Detailed description: First of all, I considered this the best option to do this without giving a huge spam of ideas. 1. New chest called "Ultimate Chest" <- This has allready been suggested by me. Idea for this was to give it only...
  14. MrRavagen

    Denied Factions Suggestion: Cheaper Blaze spawner

    Suggestion: Cheaper Blaze spawner Detailed description: At the moment it's 1,2 million (1200000$) We auction these spawners for 300k-400k (300000$-400000$) I believe the spawner should be about 500k or 600k for the people who needs the spawner right now. Server/Place suggestion is...
  15. MrRavagen

    Denied Global Suggestion: 5000 more blocks in the nether

    Suggestion: 5000 more blocks in the nether Detailed description: Nether would be then 15000 blocks each direction, since now its 10000. People like exploring the nether, when they don't like to build atm. Server/Place suggestion is intended: Classic Skyblock Reason: We need...
  16. MrRavagen

    Just asking about &Ok

    Is this anymore a thing and can we use this on Classic SkyBlock or anywere else? I'm a SkyPaladin so if we have it, Idk how. So what I've found was &Ok should have been different colored text each word on a sentence like example: "1234567890" Did this get removed or is there some kind of new...
  17. MrRavagen

    Server reset?

    When are we getting a server restart or server rollback? Much appreciated if you just let us Super Hardcore gamers know when can we actually play on Classic SkyBlock. I'm pretty much just wanthing to build, explore nether, chat with people and help people. Let me know what time, which day &...
  18. MrRavagen

    MrRavagen is here

    This post is now here! MrRavagen, "Playing only Classic Skyblock & going to apply for staff" Mr stands for that I am a man. (single though) Any questions can be answered, but the most important thing is that I love anime! I love Gaming, Anime & Music :heart: Current status on Classic Skyblock...
  19. MrRavagen

    Denied Global Suggestion: Welcome signs

    Suggestion: Welcome signs Detailed description: Can we please get SkyGod or above to use [welcome] signs on Classic SkyBlock? Please get this to SkyGods, SkyPaladins & Staff members please. Server/Place suggestion is intended: Classic Skyblock Reason: Because SkyGod costs 35$...
  20. MrRavagen

    Denied Global Suggestion: Ultimate chest or a new rank

    Suggestion: Ultimate chest or a new rank Detailed description: Sorry if there was allready a suggestion like this.. Can we create a new chest similar to "Rare Chest" but Ultimate chest has only very good stuff (example: spawners, over 250k, rank upgrades, keys & heads) & to get a key for...