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  1. tozztozzo

    minesuit upgrades

    Hey, It is a bug. I did report it a while ago, but it will likely not get fixed until next season.
  2. tozztozzo

    Survival Claiming Guide

    Survival Claiming Guide To protect your land in Survival, you will need to create a claim. PikaNetwork uses a plugin called GriefPrevention to do this. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about claiming. What is a Claim? A claim is an area of protected land which players...
  3. tozztozzo

    Voucher cannnot redeem

    They won't give a new voucher, so hold on to it. It will get fixed as soon as the developers are available.
  4. tozztozzo

    Voucher cannnot redeem

    Hey, It is highly likely the voucher was duplicated, which is why it won't work. Edit: It appears to be a bug with all vouchers. The developers have been notified.
  5. tozztozzo

    Lost claimblocks

    How do you know there will be an announcement in 2 days? Nobody knows when it will release, not even the developers, as 1.19 is unstable. We don't want to experience another bugged release, so it may take some time. However, I can say that it will not be ready within a week. My guess is Friday...
  6. tozztozzo

    Lost claimblocks

    New season will be soon and everything will get fixed.
  7. tozztozzo

    Store Store purchase history

    It would be great if it could also show the history of Gold Shop purchases.
  8. tozztozzo

    Discord Enhancing the Discord server

    Forum channels for all game modes and in-game suggestions would be great.
  9. tozztozzo

    Survival /home command upgrade

    Sorting homes by the world is a great idea. I usually name my homes "world_homename", but this would save some time and make the home list look cleaner. I want to add another suggestion to the /homes list: When you click a home, it should run the command to teleport you there. Also, a hover...
  10. tozztozzo

    Survival Survival Suggestions for the next reset [Part - 2]

    Part 2 is entirely my suggestions so I agree with everything. Please give credit :-)
  11. tozztozzo

    a season

    The gang top competition ends after 6 weeks or 42 days, which is the end of the season for most players. You can check the dates in /payouts. The server will reset a couple of weeks after the competition ends.
  12. tozztozzo

    Survival Survival Suggestions for the next reset [Part - 1]

    If this gets added, they will remove other things to make it fit, such as player level and clan tag, which I do not want to happen. Removal would be better, as players can go to lifesteal to PVP. But, there must be another way to obtain player heads, such as in Crates. Another reason is that...
  13. tozztozzo

    Denied Lifesteal I would like to suggest that you put a border in pvp soo when they go in they cant get back out o

    This feature was implemented yesterday. Keep an eye on the #changelog channel on the Official Pika Network Discord for updates.
  14. tozztozzo

    Tokens: how to get

    The reality is that you need to spend a lot of money here https://store.pika-network.net/
  15. tozztozzo

    Lifesteal Add an envoy to the game

    Good idea, but they need to make sure that hackers can't just fly around and get them like in OP Prison.
  16. tozztozzo

    Lifesteal Add milestones to the game

    There are supposed to be team events, but we are waiting for developers to fix them.
  17. tozztozzo

    How lucky am I ??

    It would be lucky if they were all permanent vouchers.
  18. tozztozzo

    Lifesteal SOTW timer

    There is more chance of a player getting killed by mobs or falling off a cliff than being killed by someone in /wild. Also, if they tp to people, they can easily raid their base without fear of being killed so this is not a good suggestion at all.
  19. tozztozzo

    Lifesteal SOTW timer

    This is pointless. The world is huge and you can teleport to a random place. There is no reason why you should be dying over and over again. Also, there are no kits and the lootbox is not OP at all, you can very easily obtain those items by playing. All players can get a free guard rank with...
  20. tozztozzo

    Trouble levelling up

    Hey, The ores must not be deepslate ores. Also, Survival has a lot of data sync issues, so you can try /hub before switching worlds to save any progress.