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  1. Nzed

    OP Prison Paths

    Username: Pixesuol Suggestion: Paths Detailed description: When player are starting of they can choose what path they want to take It is completely Free There are currently 3 path that you can choose from, Mining and PvE You can level up any of them if you want By doing the task that...
  2. Nzed

    Lifesteal SOTW timer

    Username: Pixesuol Suggestion: SOTW timer Detailed description: So when you join the server for the first time you will just get gang by every single player and it is really annoying to play when you just get killed over and over again so it will be nice to have start of world timer or in...
  3. Nzed

    OP Prison Prison reset suggestions

    Username: Pixesuol Suggestion: Prison reset suggestions Detailed description: This post is about some small but helpful quality life changes and rebalancing and suggestions Starting of with quality life changes 1:mass key opening By shifting and opening key you will receive your reward but...
  4. Nzed

    Global Ability to not ues perm rank when you already have it

    Username: Pixesuol Suggestion: Ability to not ues perm rank when you already have it Detailed description: So i got perm smuggler from crate and i just want to enchante my pickaxe and i accidently right click my perm rank and it REDEEM IT when i already had the perms It should not be...
  5. Nzed

    Denied Global Perm rankup not bypassing the seasonal

    Username: Pixesuol Suggestion: Perm rankup not bypassing the seasonal Detailed description: So there is this feature where you now require a perm rank to ues rankup But when you have it it doesn't work Because you already have the rank but IT IS SEASONAL and not perm So make it so that...
  6. Nzed

    OP Prison Prison Tags

    Username: Pixesuol Suggestion: Prison Tags Detailed description: Prison Tags Following consists of a list of Tags that would be good in Prisons. Basics. Tags being Bold can be changed. The color scheme doesn't have to be followed G-Top Tags (Rewarded with final G-Top) Tags such as these...
  7. Nzed

    Selling prison stuff for 1200 pika gold

    Im selling 1 max pickaxe 3 max Backpacks 1 money pet and 1 token pet (both legendary) Alot of sets Every mining suit 2m tokens And egaps For 1200 pika gold Ign: pixesuol Discord user: Advy#7199 Message me If you are interested
  8. Nzed

    Denied Global Linkaccount reward

    Username: Pixesuol Suggestion: Linkaccount reward Detailed description: I think linking account should give free first rank on chosen gamemode Just to make people link their account and have more member in discord It not that big of deal just first rank no one really buys the first...
  9. Nzed

    The reason Why lifesteal has player limit an queue Explained

    Everyone is just saying why lifesteal has queue system why sky war's why bedwars dosent have ill explain it why Skywars bedwars are all in separate lobby because the maximum player in world is at 150 and no one can do anything for it only mojang can do soo stop saying increase the sloth or...
  10. Nzed

    What do you think about life steal?

    Im really curious because i dont like life steal
  11. Nzed

    Global Make gkit container stackable

    Username: Pixesuol Suggestion: Make gkit container stackable Detailed description: Change it so that instead of mine cart chest (current gkit container texture) It is something that stacks with each other for example jartex has note block as gkit container which is pretty nice and it...
  12. Nzed

    OP Prison Pets

    Username: Pixesuol Suggestion: Pets Detailed description: As grinder i know pet are essential for the progressions game but they are extremely harsh at leveling up and expensive to get and the procc rate is pretty low Pets should get HUGE nerf on how much exp required to level it up...
  13. Nzed

    OP Prison Showing potential reward instead of types of reward

    Username: Pixesuol Suggestion: Showing potential reward instead of types of reward Detailed description: So i want tp buy abandone gkit and mystery gkit but it dosent say what can get it just says what types of reward i can get which is pretty lame considering im spending my hard earn...
  14. Nzed

    Global Mass claiming options on mail delivery

    Username: Pixesuol Suggestion: Mass claiming options on mail delivery Detailed description: Basically there thing call mail delivery if you have full inventory all of you stuff will go there ans that extremely nice now no one can just steal our stuff when we are openings crates or loot...
  15. Nzed

    Denied Global Make gkits stackable

    Username: Pixesuol Suggestion: Make gkits stackable Detailed description: I have 3 account with gkit it is always annoying me to log on them just to claim the gkits Make it so that we can stack gkit in 1 account as much as you can will make it less annoying and less time consuming and it...
  16. Nzed

    OP Prison New currency shard

    Username: Pixesuol Suggestion: New currency shard Detailed description: Shard will allow player to upgrade the max enchaning level by 50% Will work on any enchante but it is untradeable How do you obtain it? Well it can be found by the new enchante shard shreader By mining blocks...
  17. Nzed

    Bug ot feature?

    Idk if it is intentional or it is about it but when am I mining I get a lot of lag back if it is intentional it should be changed because it is really annoying and if it is a bug it should be fixed because it is really slowing down there progression and we are losing efficiency please please...
  18. Nzed

    Let talk

    So yeah we i know everyone know prison Is Insanely lacking content and the update were really boring (if you even counte that as an update) there are only 2 purposes in prison pvp and mine that it and other game there alot of thing going but on prison lacking content insanely Tell me what do...