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  1. parv23

    Its annoying

    Its annoying when a player grind too long and don't let other players grind. Specialy during the time of reset when only a bunch of people have blaze spawners
  2. parv23

    Why my mobsuit is not leveling up?

    I have killed blazes but still it says 0 kills.Why?
  3. parv23

    Cant get vote keys.

    I am not getting vote keys from past few days in OpPrison. Note that I am getting keys in other game modes but not in opprison.
  4. parv23

    Where to go for grinding?

    Can anyone tell me whose island is best for grinding this season?
  5. parv23

    mobsuits vs gold set

    Can anyone tell me which is better mobsuits or gold set?
  6. parv23

    Denied Minigames Add new minigames.

    Minecraft Username: parv23 Suggestion: Add new minigames. Detailed description: Add new minigames like the bridge, build battle, eggwars, tnt tag, tnt run, hide and seek, murder mystery, etc. Reason(s): This will help players to explore new things.
  7. parv23

    Denied BedWars add new modes

    Minecraft Username: parv23 Suggestion: add new modes Detailed description: Add new modes in Bedwars like bedwars in 1.9 combat, void less bedwars, bridging practice zone. Reason(s): It will be cool and players will get more things to do.
  8. parv23

    Died as soon as I logged in

    I died as soon as I logged in survival. It was probably a bug or glitch. So,can i get my stuff back. Note:-I dont play survival and I had 64 vote keys.I did a giveaway of that but when I logged in to give them away to the winner this happened.So, I really need my stuff back. Ign:parv23 died:On...
  9. parv23

    Can we transfer vote tokens?

    Can we transfer vote tokens from one account to another?
  10. parv23

    Accepted Forums Add guides for gamemodes like skyblock,faction,prison,etc.

    Minecraft Username: parv23 Suggestion: Add guides for gamemodes like skyblock,faction,prison,etc. Detailed description: Add guides of each gamemode like Opskyblock, Classic Skyblock, Faction, OpFaction, OpPrison in forums list.You can explain use of every item, how to earn money...
  11. parv23

    Blocks not going into inventory

    Blocks are not going into my inventory when I mine them. Can anyone tell me the solution?
  12. parv23

    How to apply enchantments?

    Can someone tell me how to apply enchanted books on tools,weapons,armour,etc?