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  1. FreePalestine

    Denied BedWars add invisible pots, popup towers and magic milk

    Username: TNTSabeel Suggestion: add invisible pots, popup towers and magic milk Detailed description: this is so dumb!!1! they copy all hypixl and dont add and say we do'nt copy?!?!?! this will make grow server and more people come!! Reason(s): becos hypixel also have items...
  2. FreePalestine

    Accepted Forums Stop changing : ) to emojis

    Minecraft username: TNTSabeel Suggestion: Stop changing : ) to emojis Detailed description: When I want to only type : ), It changes to :). It should toggleable whether you want the typed emojis to change or not. Reason(s): I want to type :) but it changes to :) so I cannot type :) so I...
  3. FreePalestine

    Denied Forums Change in Reaction-Spamming Punishment

    Minecraft Username: TNTSabeel Suggestion: Change in Reaction-Spamming Punishment Detailed description: So as of right now, If you reaction spam someone, the punishment is 2 warning points for 3 months + score reset. So whether someone does 15 positive/negative reaction spam or 500, they...
  4. FreePalestine

    Rate ign above yours

    I'm bored so we can do this because why not yes you don't have a reason to not do this so do it
  5. FreePalestine

    How/Where did you find PikaNetwork?

    How did you find PikaNetwork? I found it on a yt video 'Minecraft servers to hack on with low anticheat'
  6. FreePalestine

    Forums See how many times you voted

    Minecraft Username: TNTSabeel Suggestion: See how many times you voted Detailed description: In the vote page, there should be a search option where if you type a username, it will show how many times he voted. Reason(s): Because why not?
  7. FreePalestine

    My Base to keep the rarest item in game

  8. FreePalestine

    I'm the God of Bridging

    100% real and unedited triple god bridging. View: https://imgur.com/57i0K37
  9. FreePalestine

    Fullbright = allowed?

    Fulbright = allowed? . . .
  10. FreePalestine

    Anyone else is having this problem?

    This keeps happening when I join survival
  11. FreePalestine

    Denied Minigames /p warp disable/enanle

    Minecraft Username: TNTSabeel Suggestion: /p warp disable/enable Detailed description: It is annoying when you accept someone's party invite and they join another game before you lose the first one. So if you do /p warp disable or /pwd the part leader can't move you to another game. /p warp...
  12. FreePalestine

    When will survival reset?

    I spent a lot of time on my base and I dont wanna lost it....
  13. FreePalestine

    How to get villager?

    Hallo, I want to make an iron farm, So I need villagers, can anyone tell me how to get villagers? Thank you
  14. FreePalestine

    How to get $ fast? (for a newbie)

    Hi I'm new to survival and I don't know how do I even earn $. Pls someone tell me.
  15. FreePalestine

    Global Add /togglemsg (username)

    Minecraft Username: TNTSabeel Suggestion: Add /togglemsg (username) Detailed description: /togglemsg or /tmsg is a command with which you can toggle chat with a player. For example I want to chat with JustToGood, I will type /tmsg justtogood then I don't have to type /msg or /r before the...
  16. FreePalestine

    Is there a toggle private chat command?

    Hi, I am new to survival. Is there a toggle private chat command or something similar so I don't have to type /msg name msg or /r msg?
  17. FreePalestine

    Which is the best?

    So which of these banners is best? yes I know I'm bad compared to others 1. Fly 2. Spider 3. Reach 4. King DarkVenon7 I don't need your help
  18. FreePalestine

    When will my username change?

    How much time does it usually take to change username it’s been a week already
  19. FreePalestine

    One of your worst plays

    What’s your worst play yet? Mine is block trapping myself and taunting noobs and dying to them.
  20. FreePalestine

    Me when I see a famous person

    View: https://i.imgur.com/LK48swY.png View: https://i.imgur.com/uZJtcCJ.png